Modules: WF-Downloads module 3.23 beta ready for testing

Posted by: luciorotaOn 2013/9/15 13:30:00 5989 reads
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I've just committed the last modifications to WF-Downloads module.

it's still in beta state but, IMO, ready for testing.

It is "STILL BETA"... do not use this module on active sites

The latest version on is in the XOOPS SVN

Thanks for helping me in debugging phase.



- module standardization: header.php, admin/admin_header.php, xoops_version.php
- module standardization: standardize directories/files names/structures
- module standardization: standardize code headers
- module standardization: use WfdownloadWfdownload object instead of $xoopsModule, $xoopsModuleConfig and xoops_getmodulehandler (luciorota)
- refactorized admin menu (luciorota)
- fixed: lack of variables in wfdownloads_viewcat.html template (luciorota)
- fixed: update procedure now updates also permissions (luciorota)
- fixed: language definition in modinfo.php (luciorota)
- fixed: language definition in main.php (luciorota)
- fixed: deprecated "XoopsTree" (luciorota)
- fixed: html errors in templates (luciorota)
- fixed: deprecated XoopsTree (mamba)
- added: admin side downloads filter (luciorota)
- added: breadcrumb class (luciorota)
- added: html tags compatible autosummary generator (luciorota)
- added: sort subcategories by cid or title or weight (luciorota)
- added: improved letters choice bar (luciorota)
- added: wfdownloads_submit.html template for submit.php (luciorota)
- added: folder checker (mamba + luciorota)
- added: file checker (luciorota)
- removed: unupgraded languages from repository (luciorota)
- removed: unused templates (luciorota)
- removed: unused images files (luciorota)
- added permission: upload by category (luciorota)
- added language definitions in admin.php (luciorota)
- fixed: language definitions in modinfo.php (luciorota)