Modules: xNewsletter 1.1

Posted by: goffyOn 2013/8/27 8:55:25 6397 reads
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xNewsletter 1.1 is now available

xNewsletter is a newsletter-module for Xoops. The modul is based on PHPMailer and PHPMailer-BMH.

- Add option to send newsletters in packages by using a cronjob (goffy)
- Rebuilt importtool based on temporary table (goffy)
- Changed table names to new xoops table scheme (table name starts with mod_) (goffy)
- Added importtool for rmbulletin, xoopsuser, csv, weblinks, smartpartner (goffy)
- Fixed images from xoops (goffy)
- Fixed errors in languages (alfred)
- Fixed error none subscriber for send newsletter (goffy)
- Fixed error in blocks (goffy)

Post bugs, questions and suggestions here

Download current version from here

Short description of basic functions:
- Usage of one or more e-mail-accounts
- Admin of one or more newsletter possible
- Subscription procedure optionally use confirmation system (double-opt-in)
- detailed handling of permissions for subscription procedures
- Newsletter are based on templates
- detailed handling of permissions for groups and newsletter (subscribe, write, send)
- Send: send test mail, resend to all subscribers or only to subscrbers, where sending failed
- Bounced mail handler for handling bounced mails in case of invalid e-mail-addresses
- Optionally syncronisation with mailinglists (e.g. majordomo)
- Maintenace function included
- Creating protocol for the important steps

For details please look into help file.

If you like this module, you can make a small donation for the child climbing group of Naturfreunde Hochburg-Ach (