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Extension Rating updated for the latest XOOPS 2.6.0

Posted by Mamba on 2015/11/25 18:20:00 (96 reads) | Posted on Modules
Cointin Maxime (Kraven30) has developed couple of years ago for XOOPS 2.6.0 an Extension called "Rating"

Resized Image

This extension allows you to easily add a voting system to the inside of your modules. You can add as many modules as you want. For example, to rate a hotel, restaurant service, quality of food, price, etc..

It can be used by any XOOPS 2.6.0 module, it works the same way as the module Tag. It uses the jQuery plugin 'jRating'.

Since XOOPS 2.6.0 went through several changes, I have updated this extension, similar to the 6 modules developed by Dugris

Download: our repository on GitHub

Please fork it, test it, improve it, and contribute back to XOOPS

I'll write a tutorial for the usage of this extension hopefully next month.


Translation Project for final Packaging of Signed 2.2.x Final Release

Posted by wishcraft on 2015/11/1 4:50:00 (852 reads) | Posted on Modules
Resized Image
Signed 2.2RC Module - Translation Project

This module is to be translated in the supporting groups for final candidate packaging for the XOOPS SVN, once you have done the translation the translated signature files as well as the language files have to be package and sent to with any comments or changes that needed to happen outside any core language folded file-base.

You can connect to the Author of the module with Skype on the account: antony.cipher – this is if you have any question or comments for the module! But please read the PDF before you do contact incase it answers any questions

Please notify either by email and wait for confirmation as a translator, as you will eventually once final packaging being done noted in the code stamp as one of the authors; which you can also do in the resource files.

Module Download: ~~~::[ *.7z ! *.rar ! *.tar.gz ! *.tar.bz2 ! *.zip ! *.tar ! *.bz2 ! *.rar5 ! *.jar ]::~~~


Download Project PDF (English) -- Signed 2.2.1 Final Release - Translation Project.pdf

Folder's for Translation
+ modules / signed / language / english (translate folder)
+ xoops_lib / modules / signed / processes / english (translate folder)


6 Modules for XOOPS 2.6.0 added to GitHub (Alpha version)

Posted by Mamba on 2015/10/12 8:40:00 (1327 reads) | Posted on Modules
Laurent JEN (aka DuGris) has developed couple of years ago six very nice modules for XOOPS 2.6.0

Resized Image

I've started updating them to reflect the changes done to XOOPS 2.6.0 Core since then, and they are now on GitHub in the XOOPS 2.6.0+ Modules section.

Clearly, the update is still work in progress and some of the modules don't work yet properly due to the changes in Core, but hopefully soon they will become more stable. Of course, as always, you can fork them and help us with the development!

Demo DuGris' Demo Website:

Download/Fork: XOOPS 2.6.0+ Modules on GitHub:







XOOPS 2.6.0

Please note that the next version of XOOPS is being actively developed on GitHub, and you're encouraged to fork it, test it, and contribute back!

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New Contact Module

Posted by Bleekk on 2015/10/11 14:30:00 (1334 reads) | Posted on Modules
Hi all,

The German XOOPS Team released today a new/updated Contact module.

Resized Image

This module uses Bootstrap templates which makes it perfect for modern responsive websites.

- xBootstrap Templates
- Google Recaptcha (optional)
- easily included Google Maps

Please test the module and give us feedback so we can improve it.

You can see a demo of this module here:

The module can be downloaded and forked here:


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UHQ GeoLocate v0.96 released!

Posted by iunderwood on 2015/7/1 3:43:01 (2960 reads) | Posted on Modules
Resized Image

It's been another couple of years since the module has been updated. There are a few tweaks in here that now set the minimum version to XOOPS 2.5.7.

Functionally, this should be ready for a production implementation. There are some more administrative pieces I've got in my to-do list before I give it the big 1.0.

Direct downloads are here.

Also, this project can be found on GitHub here.

From the changelog:

====[ 0.96 -- 2015-06-16 ]====

Code Changes
* Modified directory structure to really fit in GitHub. (Mamba)
* IPInfoDB v2 APIs are depreciated and have been removed as options. Update scripts will change this accordingly.
* Help section utilizes new help structure for 2.5.7+
* Update script uses language localization in admin.php,
* Update script now produces verbose notes for updates to v0.96.

* Removed redundant file check in update script.

* Dev environment is now XOOPS

====[ 0.95 -- Not Released ]====

* Fixed a couple rendering issues which would see an error condition.
* Sub-branch adjusting to quirks in XOOPS 2.6.0 Alpha 2.


bXpress: a lightweight forum for XOOPS

Posted by bitcero on 2015/4/2 11:49:11 (5238 reads) | Posted on Modules
Some of you might be already aware of bXpress, a module to create a forum section in XOOPS, with the peculiarity of being very light and easy to use.

Panel de Control

Well, today's news is that, for some time now, I have been testing it in Xoops México, and so far the results have been satisfactory. Therefore I have decided to publish the version 1.2 Beta.

Module Features

From the beginning, when I published the first version of bXpress, it was always clear to me that the module should focus on simplicity and ease of use to provide a real alternative to existing options. So, this basic feature —lightness to its simplicity— has remained unchanged. Partial list of features:

  • A lightweight Forum
  • Amazing simplicity and ease of use
  • Organization of forums in categories
  • Assigning permissions for user groups
  • Supports image (or icon) representative of each forum
  • Supports file upload
  • Supports Short URL
  • Supports annoucements that can be configured to be deployed in various places on the forum.
  • Includes a reporting tool for users
  • Assigned by forum moderators
  • Now supports posts likes for each entry New
  • All templates use Bootstrap 3
  • Includes more functional, adaptable and easily configurable blocks (preferably through the Common Utilities block manager)

Portada del Módulo


bXpress have the same basic requirements that other modules developed with Common Utilities:

Warning: this version of bXpress is in beta state. If you want to use note all that that implies. Although so far in Xoops México has worked very well, could lead to errors undetected so far.

If you want to check the operation of the module, I invite you to visit the Xoops México forum and leave a message.

Download bXpress 1.2 Beta

Puedes leer esta noticia en español haciendo click aquí.

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Favicon Generator Module

Posted by Runeher on 2015/2/11 18:04:55 (4834 reads) | Posted on Modules
As I said in the last post, some new modules are being made available to the XOOPS community, and first out is a Favicon Module. Originally it was meant as a commercial module, but when I first started using XOOPS, way, way back there, everything was FREE, which I loved. So in that spirit... ;)

It comes with admin section, hidden counter, and language files.

Option to delete created favicons, and reset counter.

Offer your visitors the opportunity to create their own Favicon from your site.



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Danordesign modules moved

Posted by Runeher on 2014/12/24 4:24:54 (3914 reads) | Posted on Modules
Hi, we have moved all modules from our test site to the main domain,, both modules demos and downloads. Also more modules will be added soon. Note! The old modules have not been tested with the latest XOOPS version yet, but hopefully they'll work.

Following modules (plus some hacks not listed here) are up for grabs, feel free :)

Flip Text
Excuse Generator
Space Invaders
World Map
Millionaire Game
Rubrik's Cube
Online StopWatch
Norwegian TV Guide
Swedish TV Guide
Danish TV Guide
PDF-Unformat tool
Password Generator
Image Resizer
Guitar Tuner
Pop-Up Generator
Lorem Ipsum Generator
Ipod Player
Currency Converter
Custom Module Comments
Fake Magazine Covers

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Introducing the new site for Common Utilities

Posted by bitcero on 2014/11/16 10:34:47 (4283 reads) | Posted on Modules
I want to introduce you the new Common Utilities web site, created to provide information about the module and a fixed point for distribution.

Resized Image

This site has been created using GitHub pages and its construction still is in progress.

Visit the project on GitHub

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QuickPages 2.0 RC available for download!

Posted by Mamba on 2014/11/15 18:57:45 (4098 reads) | Posted on Modules
Resized Image

Eduardo Cortés (aka BitC3R0) has just released QuickPages 2.0 RC for XOOPS 2.5.7

QuickPages module belongs to a new generation of modules for XOOPS based on Common Utilities. This allows you to better utilize all the cool features currently provided by XOOPS and the power and beauty offered by Common Utilities.

QuickPages allows you to create semi-static pages easily and quickly. It is ideal for Landing Pages, Sales Pages and any other Marketing site. You can create a single or a few pages, or even a full Website.

QuickPages support templates for every page. That means that you can provide to your pages an incredible appearance and functionallity.

These are some of the QuickPages features:

- Single pages
- Home pages
- Standalone pages
- Categories organization
- Templates for pages


XOOPS 2.5.6 or 2.5.7
Common Utilities 2.2
AdvancedForms for Common Utilities


Install QuickPages normally, as any other module for XOOPS and Common Utilities.

Download: click here

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