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XOOPS is back, and with a vengeance! :)

Posted by Mamba on 2013/9/16 2:30:00 (10734 reads) | Posted on XOOPS
Resized Image

I don't think, we had so much excitement about XOOPS as we have right now, in a very very long time!

We're now starting to work with full power on XOOPS 2.6.0!

Resized Image

After incorporating the Doctrine DB Abstraction Layer, that puts us on par in the DB area with projects like Laravel and Symfony, which are also using Doctrine, Richard Griffith, our new Core Team leader, continues to deliver amazing things!

Building up on the awesome work on XOOPS 2.6.0 by Trabis, ForMuss , Mage and Dugris, Richard just did some major redesign of our Debugging/Logging system, making XOOPS the CMS with probably the best debugging/logging capabilities in the world! Something what all serious developers will truly appreciate!

Resized Image

- Our new logging mechanism in Core is now PSR-3 compliant, which currently only very, very few projects can claim!!!

Resized Image

- he has replaced our outdated Debug view with the awesome PhpDebugBar module, that will provide our developers with tons of useful information.

As you can see above, our new PhpDebugBar is actually a "PhpDebugBar on steroids" because it merges it with information that XOOPS provides. So now we'll have the same information as the old Debug, but much, much more, incl. Smarty info and the cool timeline! Check out the original PhpDebugBar to see the original limited version of the PhpDebugeBar, but if you want to see what Richard did, you need to download XOOPS 2.6.0

- we've converted our Legacy Logger to the new logging system

Resized Image

- and we've included Monolog module for professional logging capabilities!

- and Richard is almost done with reworking of Trabis' XMF (XOOPS Module Framework). We plan to use XMF as a migration tool for existing XOOPS modules. Once converted to XMF, the current modules should be able to run on XOOPS 2.6.x, with no or only very minimal modifications, which will keep with our tradition of easy migration for our users.

Resized Image

You can fork it from our GitHub XOOPS Repository

Resized Image Resized Image

Oh, did we mentioned that we're already using PHP Composer and that in the future we'll be also fully utilizing Packagist?

Resized Image Resized Image

Another work that we're doing is to have the whole XOOPS Core tested using PHPUnit.
Alain91 from France, who is leading this effort, has written already majority of tests, and we also have already set up a dedicated website with Jenkins. This is still in a testing phase, but once we go live with it, all submitted Core code will have to go through Jenkins to be accepted into the central repository.

And Richard and his team are just warming up

So expect more cool things coming soon!

But why wait? Just join the XOOPS Development Team and start contributing to XOOPS, either in the Core area or in the Module Development area, or both!

Please join the conversion in this thread!

XOOPS is Powered by YOU!!!


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Very Good job!!!
If you need help, I can find some time!
Published: 2013/9/15 10:56 • Updated: 2013/9/15 10:56
Mage, it's so great to see you back!!!

We can ALWAYS use a helping hand, especially from people who know XOOPS as well as you do!!!

Welcome back, my friend! This is GREAT News!
Published: 2013/9/15 11:27 • Updated: 2013/9/15 11:27
Great news!!!
Downloading to test...
Published: 2013/9/16 10:25 • Updated: 2013/9/16 10:25
Wow with this explosion of new features we should rename xoops to swooosh great news
Published: 2013/9/16 20:28 • Updated: 2013/9/16 20:28
it sure is
Published: 2013/9/17 0:12 • Updated: 2013/9/17 0:12
Same stories from same people every time I visit and it has been like that since ~2005.
Published: 2013/10/1 0:34 • Updated: 2013/10/1 0:34
Sophie, did you have a chance to fork XOOPS 2.6.0 on GitHub and look at the code there? I think, you would agree that there are some major changes since 2005....

And we have several new people on the XOOPS Council, just recently added, plus Richard who was announced not even a month ago as a Core Team Leader.

I really encourage you to fork the XOOPS 2.6.0 from GitHub, look at the code and let us know what you think.

And we are always looking for new contributors, so hopefully you could help us with development, so whatever changes you're looking for in XOOPS, could come faster...
Published: 2013/10/2 4:40 • Updated: 2013/10/2 4:40
Mamba, I really thing she just needed to fly over and drop something. Maybe the cat she used to kick around died of its injuries, and she just needed another outlet.
Published: 2013/10/5 18:02 • Updated: 2013/10/5 18:02
xoobaru, thank you to make me laugh as always!

I will test XOOPS 2.6. I await the official Alpha 3 version for those who are not gifted, like me
Published: 2013/10/5 23:35 • Updated: 2013/10/5 23:40
There was nothing in the seven points above that is not stark raving new, and Mamba even did a great job on the presentation summary above...kudos. I started with this forum back in 2009=2010 and there was none of this talk going on since.

@Cesag: Posts like hers makes me wonder. May not have been too far from the mark. Glad you got something out of it, although I will continue to maintain a somber gaze in respects to the poor cat for another 24 hours.
Published: 2013/10/9 17:21 • Updated: 2013/10/9 17:21
And there is more being worked on so it is an exciting time to be sure. Richard is a great person to work with and I am glad to be a part of the process. I wish I was a bigger part but I am learning something new every day. While 2.6 will be a great step forward the next versions should bring much to the table as well. It can be hard to figure out the stopping point because of all the great stuff happening.
Published: 2013/10/9 19:29 • Updated: 2013/10/9 19:29
Great new!!! I'll make sure AMS module compatible with xoops >2.6.0.
We waited too long for modern XOOPS
Published: 2013/11/5 0:12 • Updated: 2013/11/5 0:12
Watch for news on the XMF framework. This framework is being developed to be a helpful took kit for module developers and will help bridge the differences between 2.5 and 2.6+ versions. The idea is by using XMF where possible you should require far less if any code rewrites for your 2.5 module to run with 2.6 or newer.
Published: 2013/11/5 14:56 • Updated: 2013/11/5 15:01