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Is there a way to set a cookie to a users machine that will remember his login information as well as his preferences for which ever theme he likes to view the site with?<br /><br />I have over 1100 registered users at many of them find it a hassle to have to always type in their passwords and then switch to a different theme.... The default theme was choosen by the president of the organization... I am adding alternate themes as they are suggested... I am only the webmaster... and can only implement technical changes not content...<br /><br />Later/wetsteve
Requested by Wetsteve and Answered by Dylian on 2009/1/2 16:12:33 (3645 reads)
XOOPS has a remember me function for autologin, and in user preferences a user can choose his default theme, but you wil have to activate that field if its not activated.

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