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How do I find an example of a xoops module on the internet?
Requested and Answered by Carnuke on 2007/1/27 18:24:45 (16248 reads)
We've often seen the post; please show me an example of a certain module. Here's a little tip using Google to find examples on the internet'

Google has an advanced operator called 'allinurl' If you use this in a search you will get results for all/any sites with a certain search string in the URL.

EXAMPLE: search for:-

allinurl:/modules/xcgal/ (xcgal is the module you want an example of)

This search will return all sites with **/modules/xcgal/** in the url.

**/modules/---/** are fairly unique patterns to xoops, as we use /modules/ folder as the directory home for (nearly) all modules.

Try it! providing sites have been crawled, you'll find examples easily.

NOTE * denote preceding and following strings which we do not need to know, but will be part of the URL * */

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