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Where are the modules in XOOPS 2.0.14?
XOOPS 2.0.14 is unlike other releases of xoops core in that it does not contain additional modules ready for intallation. This is there so you have greater flexibility in developing your xoops site with modules suited to your needs and with modules which are up to date. Modules that are promoted as compatable with Xoops 2.0.13 should continue to be compatable with 2.0.14. If however you do find a problem please search the forums to see if it has been addressed.

Make sure your modules folder is writable (777) before trying to upload and install modules.
Make sure if you decide you do not like a module you deactivate it before removing it from your module folder.

Our Module repository site is not as up to date as we would like it to be. This will be addressed in a future new look website. In the meatime please use the links to cuurent modules found in Xoops 2.0.14 release notes and familiarise youresle with the following resources:

FAQ section modules
Documentation site where you will find administration manuals and some work beginning on modules.
Xoops News on modules where you will find developers have links to latest releases of modules.

There is of course the module repository as well. So - there are plenty of modules out there - just make sure you do a little research first. Using the xoops search function is a great tool for finding out more about how to use, set up and troubleshoot some modules by typing in the module name and pressing search.

Recomended modules, especially for beginners include
- News (very Important)
- Downloads.
- WfSections or Smartsections.
- XoopsPolls
- MyLinks or SmartLinks
- Cbb - Fórum
- Profile (for version 2.14)
- SmartPartner or equal.
- XoopsProtector (very important)

You can find all these using the search function and the full debate about how we could package modules

Hope this helps to get you started!

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 Only System Module on Install?


THANK YOU FOR THIS! I was wondering if I was loosing my mind, or what, since all the tutorials I have seen on XOOPS talked about all the "on-Install" Modules...which for some reason I DIDN'T HAVE!

Thanks for helping me out.



 Install Packages

You can also download an install package HERE that contains most of these. As modules are updated, I compile a new install package.


 Re: Install Packages - "XOOPS on demand"

thanks a lot for this sae package, I didnot try it out yet, but it is great to have something to start with (is there any info to the modules? -> what about all the forum and news modules?).

Just to get things connected and find a solution for downloading customized modul packages, I post this link to a thread in

modul packages would be great. I justdownloaded XOOPS 2.0.16 and 2.2.4 and was surprised, not to find any modules in Basis Installation (System Modul with Error "Module File for Not Found!").
To me this is very confusing and it seems like a knock-out for usability.

Then I downloaded 2.2.4 on and copied modules PM and Profile witch are displayed in Admin withour error.

So you can imagine that I would be thankful for any preinstalled Modules (within XOOPS basis install or as extra packages wich schould be customizable).

So does anybody know of any further Modulpakages and where to download?
Is there a possibilty to have a "XOOPS on demand" with customizable modul packages?
see Yoxos -> Eldorado for Eclipse Fans:

thankful for any hints for a "Xoops-core-Installation with modules"

Are there any packages with forum and news modules?

looking forward to a "XOOPS on demand" solution



 Re: Install Packages - "XOOPS on demand"

This is currently pencilled in for me to do in the near future.


 Not impressed

This kills user friendliness! I installed XOOPS because I've used it in the past and it was easy to direct complete web newbies how to use it. I installed it today and there were no modules!! What the hell? I thought I'd forgotten something but a google search led me here and then more fishing around found this topic. I downloaded and installed a message board but I don't understand php. That's why I install XOOPS in the first place... now the site is rendered useless because of php fatal error that I don't know how to fix.

Basic modules are needed for basic newbies. Now I have to delete this site and start all over and cross my fingers again!


 Re: Not impressed

updated ... waiting on copy ready for public release.


 Re: Not impressed

You might also want to look at this:

Draft Guide to Essential XOOPS modules.

It was written for new users, to compensate for removal of modules from the main download.


 You have made xoops 90% useless!

Yes, that is correct! I used (that is, TRIED to use) XOOPS several years ago, ( I do not recall what version number) things were looking reasonably good, UNTILL Data started disapearing for what seemed NO REASON! Some kind if auto delete or something! Why have something like that? Could not find and options in admin for that. I had no end of problems with complicated user image upload! Takes a webmaster or programer to figure THAT out!

Now I thought maybe XOOPS is usable, updated! Wrong! Even MORE complicated navigation, major MISSING functions! Especialy NO MODULES! Why don't you merely ask users to rewrite your program script! In all, TRYING to use XOOPS has been a complete waste of my time. Looks to me like just another nerd programmer group grope
mess. Have you fellows EVER heard of ergonomics?
(man machine interface) I suggest that you get some input from real users and not just other programmers and code knowledgeable webmasters. Your "xoops" is useless to 90% of users of cpanel autoinstall "Fantastico". This asumption that all other people are program, ftp knowledgeable is failure to recognize reality. The king has no clothes Mom!

Bill Hawk,
editor publish internet


 Re: You have made xoops 90% useless!

amazing. you created an account to make this one statement. and in a location very few people will actually see it.

Breaking the modules out was a smart move.

a) you only install what you need. No need to worry about security problems in modules you have but aren't using.

b) modules can be released on their own release cycle. Bugs, security issues and new functionality can be more swiftly fixed or added to modules and not have to wait for a new overall release.

The developers can't assume every potential user has Fantastico available to them, so they have to write their own installation. as for Fantastico itself:

a) It's closed source, why would an Open Source project support such an effort?

b) It doesn't work well. At least the Drupal people hate it:
Drupal warning against Fantasitico

FTP is the bare minimum level many web hosting solutions give users so the XOOPS instructions must include instructions for users in this situation.

If you don't like the interface:
a) go to the forums and make constructive criticism about how to make it better. Nobody pays attention to those that just whine.

b) try out one of the thousands of themes that change the user interface.


 Re: You have made xoops 90% useless!

Thanks Xoops!

Has worked pretty good for this newb.

Resized Image


 Re: You have made xoops 90% useless!

Very nice site, I will be back and visit again and again. Excellent content, nice theme choice. easy on the eyes.



Please ->> ADDed your nic and website link to xoops-end-user community xoopswiki2: <<- Lets keep on sharing...


 Module packs

Some time ago, I asked several members if they would be willing to assist in putting together a reguarly updated sample package of modules, which I would make available from the Addons site - as a quick-start pack ... rather like that that JamesSAEP and Sato-san had put together...

If anyone is interest in working together on me with this, please contact me via XOOPSInfo.


 Re: Module packs

w of course


 Re: You have made xoops 90% useless!

I agree with the subject statement.

I have just had a very frustrating experience (basically the first installed module does not work).

I am not exactly a total idiot, having written some php and jsp websites as well as other apps over many years. I am beginning to think that it may be easier to write my own than to struggle with this mess.

May I suggest that if you must have an empty installation, then you at least provide an automated installer/updater for the modules.

Learn the lessons from MikTeX and Ubuntu updaters, for instance, which work very well.



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