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How to solve problems with templates the BRUTAL way
Requested and Answered by Frankblack on 2005/11/18 8:26:34 (8067 reads)
In the following advice database-changes have to be made and could be therefore dangerous.

I do NOT take any responsibilities for damages resulting from this advice. You do this AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Perhaps you experienced this problems if you have a XOOPS-system installed for a long and after all the upgrades you have some problems to change templates although automatic update of templates is activated.

Please make a database-backup before!!!!!

Step 1: Log in as admin and go to the system preferences and activate the automatic update of templates and themes. Then go to Administration / Templates.
Step 2: Download the current used templateset.
Step 3: Go to Administration / Modules.
Step 4: Open phpMyAdmin of your XOOPS-database in another browser-tab or -window.
Step 5: Now act fast! EMPTY (NOT DELETE) the tables yourprefix_tplfile and yourprefix_tplsource.
Step 6: Update the system-module first and then generate the system-templates of your used templateset. Update all other modules and generate their templates anew.
Step 7: Unzip the downloaded templateset and upload the templates with the templates-manager.
Step 8: Hope that all is functioning now .

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 I got trouble with this...

Due to certain unknown reason, when i try to change my user menu using template, i got the problem to edit it, it always failure to insert the data into database.

so i try the solution above...step by step...

but after that i cannot see anything in my content box...all the content inside box is gone...

so i guess i must be regenerate the file for it, but the problem is, i cannot even log in to the admin now... I get the error:

Smarty error: unable to read resource: "db:system_redirect.html" in file /home/....../class/smarty/Smarty.class.php line 1084

So now what can i do besides restore database?

I had make sure cache, template_c folder set to 777.

can i just insert back the particular table into 2 of the aboved mentioned table?

I'm using XOOPS

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 Re: I got trouble with this...

Well, there is an error in the template file.

If you can post the contents, maybe from database... then we can help debug it.


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 Re: I got trouble with this...

I can't, because, i had empty the particular table as instructed.

All help is appreciated