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How can I make real name a required field for user registration?
For XOOPS 2.0.10 change following: include/registerform.php After line 69
$reg_form->addElement(new XoopsFormText(_US_NICKNAME"uname"$uname_size$uname_size$myts->htmlSpecialChars($uname)), true);
$reg_form->addElement(new XoopsFormText(_US_REALNAME"name"2625$myts->htmlSpecialChars($name)), true);
register.php After line 59
$uname xoops_trim($uname);
After line 143
echo _US_USERNAME.": ".$myts->htmlSpecialChars($uname)."<br />";
echo _US_REALNAME.": ".$myts->htmlSpecialChars($name)."<br />";
After line 153
<input type='hidden' name='uname' value='".$myts->htmlSpecialChars($uname)."' />
<input type='hidden' name='name' value='".$myts->htmlSpecialChars($name)."'/>
After line 183
--- Additional details submitted by Alanuk on 2006/2/23 13:26:53 I think there is a line missing in register.php: After line 119 $uname = isset($_POST['uname']) ? $myts->stripSlashesGPC($_POST['uname']) : ''; insert $name = isset($_POST['name']) ? $myts->stripSlashesGPC($_POST['name']) : ''; Without this, the user's real name is not posted to the database.

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 It is integrated here too.

Hack: Remember Me + Login using Email + Register with Real Name


 Could someone update this for the latest release?

I'd love to have this in the latest release and can't find a system option to enable/disable this field, so I assume you have to do it in PHP. Anyone care to write the 2.2 version of this?



I can't locate the register.php file with the lines you mentioned can you please specify its location thank you.


 how to this in xoops

does anyone know how to this in xoops-


 Re: how to this in xoops

just ignore...problem solved


 Re: how to this in xoops

How can I make location a required field for user registration?


 How do we require location on registration?

The require real name works great, thank you. I also need to require location on registration. I see somebody has already asked, but no answer. The site I'm working on is a County Community site, and I want to make sure we don't have people registering that were never from here.


 Re: How do we require location on registration?

Never mind - I figured it out. I used the same code but replaced name with user_from & replaced _US_REALNAME with _US_LOCATION

It appears to be working just fine in my test. I am having trouble when I use my Yahoo e-mail, not getting the activation e-mail. But, that was a problem before the modifications so will look elsewhere for the solution.

Thanks for the code for this!



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