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How do I change dates and time formats ?
  Requested and Answered by Carnuke on 2005/2/18 20:02:43     9532  reads 
Open the file XOOPSROOT/language/YOUR_LANGUAGE/global.php

Find the following locations in the file and ammend the settings: KEEP A BACK UP IN CASE!
define("_DATESTRING","Y/n/j G:i:s");
define("_MEDIUMDATESTRING","Y/n/j G:i");
    The following characters are recognized in the format string:
    a - "am" or "pm"
    A - "AM" or "PM"
    d - day of the month, 2 digits with leading zeros; i.e. "01" to "31"
    D - day of the week, textual, 3 letters; i.e. "Fri"
    F - month, textual, long; i.e. "January"
    h - hour, 12-hour format; i.e. "01" to "12"
    H - hour, 24-hour format; i.e. "00" to "23"
    g - hour, 12-hour format without leading zeros; i.e. "1" to "12"
    G - hour, 24-hour format without leading zeros; i.e. "0" to "23"
    i - minutes; i.e. "00" to "59"
    j - day of the month without leading zeros; i.e. "1" to "31"
    l (lowercase 'L') - day of the week, textual, long; i.e. "Friday"
    L - boolean for whether it is a leap year; i.e. "0" or "1"
    m - month; i.e. "01" to "12"
    n - month without leading zeros; i.e. "1" to "12"
    M - month, textual, 3 letters; i.e. "Jan"
    s - seconds; i.e. "00" to "59"
    S - English ordinal suffix, textual, 2 characters; i.e. "th", "nd"
    t - number of days in the given month; i.e. "28" to "31"
    T - Timezone setting of this machine; i.e. "MDT"
    U - seconds since the epoch
    w - day of the week, numeric, i.e. "0" (Sunday) to "6" (Saturday)
    Y - year, 4 digits; i.e. "1999"
    y - year, 2 digits; i.e. "99"
    z - day of the year; i.e. "0" to "365"
    Z - timezone offset in seconds (i.e. "-43200" to "43200")

For more information, see the documentation for the PHP date function.

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 Timezone setting help

When I execute <?php echo date('r') ?>

I get the following result.

Mon, xx Sep 2005 xx:xx:xx -0700 (xx is variable)

It means the server is at -7 GMT, I'm where +5.5GMT. I don't know what could be my

1). Server Timezone = ??
2). Default Time zone = ??

I want to modify directly from xoops_root/language/YOur_language/global.php if possible but I don't know where exactly I should insert the time difference.

Is this something that can be fixed from Admin >> Preference > General setting > Server timezone & Default time zone?

Right now my setting is
1). Server Timezone = GMT
2). Default Time zone = +5.5 GMT

I want the site to have default timezone at +5.5GMT but all the posts are taking -7GMT. And even comments are revealing incorrect time.

Please help....

I'm running on Version

Thank you in advance!


 Changing date format settings

Thanks very much!! I've got so many questions that I don't want to ask on the forum - this was something that I was going to forget about until I saw the random question


 Re: Changing date format settings

mm i have i kind of the same problem


 Re: Changing date format settings

G'day All. Have you gone into administration -> System -> Preferences -> General Settings, and changed the server timezone, and default timezone settings in there?



 Re: Changing date format settings

if your server is located in a region that is -5 GMT then you would set your server timezone to GMT -5.

and the local timezone would then be set to the timezone of your locality..




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