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How do I add another domain name using cpanel?
I searched for some info on this and could not find adequate information.

so this is how to do it correctly:

1- Do not try to add an addon domain in cpanel unless your hosting plan provides for this. You should see in the main account page addon domain 0/1 or something like that. This means '0' have been added to an availability of '1'

2- Contact your hosting company to make sure.

3- The first thing you must do is to go to your domain name control panel and set the DNS information. You need to delete the first 2 nameservers that are already entered, as they will probably be pointing towards the domain seller's web space. Replace the name servers with the same name servers of your hosting company, the one that you want to use to hold the website for your other addon domain name. These will be the same as the name servers entered for your original domain name.

4- Wait at least 24 hours for these to resolve. This may seem an odd process, because your original domain name also points to the same name servers. Don't worry, nothing will change yet.

5- NOW you can setup you addon domain in your cpanel as follows:

Click Addon Domain Maintenance

Addon Domain Additions

Add the domain name (mynewdomainname) and directory (pgc) that you want to put your new website in.

This should be the return screen:

The subdomain, has been added.

Nameserver ips for are:, Bind reloading on sync using rndc Bind reloading on monitor using rndc
Created DNS entry for

Setup Mail forward ->
Setup OK
Adding httpd.conf entry for to point to
Syncing Ftp Databases....Done has been setup. It can be accessed via the subdomain FTP access has been granted with the username pgc and the password pgc.

If you try to add an addon domain before the dns has been added or resolved this is the type of message you get in the cpanel:

The subdomain, has been added.

You do not have access to park on top of

Removed Entry from httpd.conf The subdomain, has been removed. could not be setup. The subdomain was not setup either.

Addon Domain Maintenance

Which really is not very helpful.

You can now go to your webspace and you should see a new folder called in this case 'pgc' this is the root webspace that your points to. Install your website in here.

Please also see This FAQ on domain name setup.

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