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Can I use any HTML on an HTML permitted item or is there a subset of HTML instructions? Perhaps there is a subset on this site somewhere?
Requested by RonBailey and Answered by Carnuke on 2005/2/6 23:25:30 (9932 reads)
If html is allowed, there may still be other filters to remove certain potentially harmful characters or commands. For example the word 'javascript' is re-written as 'java script' by the text sanitiser.

Bad words can also be identified and re-written in the xoops administration section under
Preferences Main »» Word Censoring Options.

This option also allows admins to filter out objectionable words from any submission on the site

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So does this mean "all" HTML instructions will be recognised. I have already had issues with the use of square or angled brackets?
Is there a published list of permitted HTML instructions with their parameters?

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 Re: clarification

which HTML tags use square brackets?

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 Square brackets

Xoops 1 seems to support either square of angled bracket for some function e.g. <b> or [b] would start a 'bold' section.

I have usually used <a href="xxx">click here</a>
for URL links but with XOOPS 2 I have to use [url]. I'm a fairly experienced 'user' of html on XOOPS 1 sites but am doing it mechanically rather that with any real understanding. I am setting up my own xoops2 site and am trying to discover how much of the total html instruction set is permitted on xoops2 and whether there are dialects of HTML?

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 Re: Square brackets

Thats not html code you are refering to, it is XoopsCodes.

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 Re: Square brackets

Sorry, just showing my ignorance. I thought XOOPS codes were a form of HTML. But whatever they are, is there a published list of them anywhere?

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 Re: Square brackets

There are two types of XOOPS codes. If you look at the text area where we post messages, those buttons add tags that are common to all modules. So the bold, italic, code, quote etc tags are available in all modules.

There are more tags, such as 'pagebreak' for example, which are only available in particular modules. In those cases it's up to the module developer to include code to handle any extra tags they wish to make available for their module. It's also up to the module developer to explain the existance of those extra tags and their functions.

So the answer to your question is no, there is no general list of all XOOPS codes.

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 Re: Square brackets

Another question: how add others bb codes in XOOPS core??

e.g: [ed2k]Text here[/ed2k] (for edonkey links)

Which files I need edit?


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 Re: Square brackets


I have usually used <a href="xxx">click here</a> for URL links but with XOOPS 2 I have to use [url].

I have noticed this problem in XOOPS 2 and even though the Preview function in NewBB2's editor renders <a href="URL">URL Description</a> properly, it doesn't show up properly once posted. It seems only the equivalent xoopscode works.
Other inconsistencies between Preview and the actual post exist as well.
I'm sure these will be fixed in upcoming versions as long as people submit bug reports.

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 Re: Square brackets

I noticed this also. Part of the reason is that in newbb html code is reserved for webmasters and moderators (there is an option in preferences to enable this). For some reason even though the regular user cannot use HTML code, it does render properly in the preview, but does not, as it should, in the post.

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 How to post HTML in forums and some other modules...

I found HTML can be used if you use the most basic text editor available. For instance, in the forum, if you use the plain text editor, you can even post <embed> code to put videos right into your post. But if you try to use any advanced editors to create your post, the html will be "sanitized".