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I get a blank page during the installation using Mysql 4.1.x and PHP 5, what can I do ?
Requested and Answered by Hervet on 2005/1/8 11:09:49 (9783 reads)
You must modify the Php's configuration by adding the following directive : register_long_arrays

For more information, you can read this page on

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 Same here

Same config(Xoops 2.1.13,IIS 5.1,MySQL 4.1.13, PHP 5.0.4). Same problem. Page goes blank during install at the point whr it should check database access. I already have " register_long_arrays = On " in php.ini.

No tables are created.Does not even try to create Database when given a non-existent Database name. Just blank screen.

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 Re: Same here

I also have the same config - mysql 4.1.13. I'm running on Apache. Again, no attempt to do anything to the database - just blank screen.