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In admin all the module icons are missing, how do I proceed?
Requested and Answered by Carnuke on 2004/12/20 0:58:37 (6699 reads)
After making a backup delete the cache/adminmenu.php file, and relogin as admin. It'll say it's the first time you're logging in, but that's the message you get when the system is generating the adminstration menu.

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 didnt help

all of my modules disaapeared????

I even erased the cache/admin php file and after recognising that this was a first time logging in, it still reverted to the admin page with no modules!!!


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 me neither

Modules installed okay, just don't show in admin menu. Tried deleting recommended file and logging in again. Still only System Admin module showing in menu on left side.

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 Same here

Tried the fix listed here, but to no avail, anyone find an answer for this one?