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How can I see all the articles of a single category?
Requested by Webmaster and Answered by Simon23 on 2004/5/11 20:05:27 (5488 reads)
At the top of the page In the News module, you can see 2 comboboxes and 1 button: select If you click on the first one, it opens and displays the different news topics of this site. topics To only view the news of one topic, select the desired topic. In the combobox next to it, you can specify the number of articles you would like to be displayed. Then click the Go button. For example, if you selected Movie Reviews and have set the number of results to 5, after you hit the Go button you will see 5 articles of the Movie Reviews topics. If this topic has more then 5 articles, you will see the number of pages at the right end of the page. --- Additional details submitted by Simon23 on 2006/9/30 17:08:21

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 Can this filter be removed from the news page?

Any way to make it so this filter doesn't show up at the top of the News pages?

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 Re: Can this filter be removed from the news page?

yeah, turn it off in news module preferences..

display topic select = none

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 Re: Can this filter be removed from the news page?

I need help with this!

Choosing from tghe combobox does not work! Neither does going to the "index.php?storytopic=10" link. It just opens the main page everytime.
I only have one category that is shown on the main page, all the others (including #10) are not shown on the main page and are just supposed to be rachable form a menu.

Thanks for any help!