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How do I remove a module from the system?
Uninstalling Modules To uninstall a module, you first deactivate it, then uninstall it, and optionally remove its files. Here's the procedure, step by step: a) Go to your admin area and select System > Modules. There you will see a list of your registered modules. b) The fourth column has the label "Active", as well as a checkmark for every active module. Unmark the module you want to uninstall and press "Send". c) You'll go to a confirmation page where the desired change is highlighted in red. Just press "Send" to confirm. d) You'll receive a success message stating that "Module Whatchamacallit successfully deactivated". Now click on the link "Back to module administration". e) Back in the System > Modules page, in the sixth column ("Action") you see -er- action icons. The module you just deactivated will have an additional icon at the center, showing a tiny red light. This icon's action is to delete the modue. Click on the icon. f) You'll go to another confirmation page asking you if you're sure you want to uninstall. Click "Yes". g) You'll see a page with the changes just made: essentially what happens is the module is left out of XOOPS' logic, even though the physical files still reside on the server. In fact, click on "Back to module administration"... h) ... and you'll be back to System > Modules, but now the module won't be on the registered modules list, but at the bottom of the page, among the modules that are available in XOOPS' modules directory but haven't been installed. i) That's it! Note that uninstalling a module deletes all content associated with that module - the tables defined by the module are dropped, and all blocks, templates, config options, comments, notifications, etc. associated with the module are removed from the database. The module files, however, are not deleted; if you wish to do so, you must do so manually. --- Additional details submitted by Jdseymour on 13-Jan-2005 03:37 I would like to add to this excellent answer on module removal. This flash tutorial will show the basic steps in module removal. See the Module Uninstall Tutorial

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 Uninstalling Modules

This was very helpful. Thank you. I do have a question though. I tried to install a module, followed all the steps that I used before, and saw a message stating that the module was installed correctly. But, then when I go to the Module Administration page, it says, "Module File for Not Found!". So, I try to delete it via these instructions, and when I click on the icon with the red light, it goes to a blank page and won't delete the module. Any advice on how to delete it?


 Re: Uninstalling Modules

Well, questions are better posted in the forums. But if you get a blank page turn on inline debug mode in system -> preferences -> General Settings the 18th option down. Post the results in the forum.




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