This module makes it possible to publish small advertisements on your site.
Principal characteristics:
- the member can follow his advertisements (sub-menu ' my annonces')
- It can publish or erase its advertisements.
- It can suspend (and begin again) their publication.
- It can start again the publication of an expired advertisement.
- It can choose the mode of contact.
- Possibility of being notified new publications
- Possibility of putting comments

- Moderation or not
- Anonymities can poster or not
- a Number of advertisements per page
- a Number of new advertisements (index page)
- a Number of advertisements per administration page
- Lasted of publication of the advertisements
- a Number of authorized Re-publications
- new Advertisement during X days
- Form with bbcodes or not
- Upload of image authorized or not.
- skeletal Size, height and width image

- general Configuration
- Management of the headings
- Managements of the options of drop-down lists (currency...)
- List of the advertisements on standby (if moderation), published, expired
- Approval, edition, suppression of the advertisements
- Obliteration of the expired advertisements of more than X days.

Modifications of the v1.4 :
- possibility of uploader to 6 photographs by advertisement
- parameter setting for each heading of the number of photographs (0 to 6)
- possibility of authorizing the author to modify his advertisement (so nonmoderate)
- possibility of authorizing the author to remove his advertisement
- administrator can modify dates publication and expiry
- possibility of leaving the choice between several durations of publication
- possibility of leaving the choice of the date of publication, within a certain skeletal limit.

- Php5 compatibility and xoops 2.2 RC1


System Requirements:

Other files by: Anonymous

XOOPS Web Tools (2008/05/04)
Poll Renamed Version (2005/11/21)
RM Gallery (2005/07/03)

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 Re: Catads v 1.40

I am using this module and I'm happy with the functions provided.

However, when I try a Print of an Ad I get this error message:

Use of undefined constant _MD_CATADS_CONTACT_MODE0 - assumed '_MD_CATADS_CONTACT_MODE0' in file /modules/catads/print.php line 63

Suggestions, please.



 Re: Catads v 1.40

Resolution is covered here: in this thread


 Re: Catads v 1.40

This is a great module, no doubt about it, very complete. However, I want to enable the anonymous users be able to see the catads block but can´t seem to make it happen. All logged in users can see the ads but not the unregistered users. Any way I can get around this? It would be to great to implement a permission function. Thanks.


 Re: Catads v 1.40

I am quite happily showing Latest Ads to anonymous users. These users also have access to the Ads through the main menu.

All I can suggest is that you check your Blocks Administration settings. Make sure that the "Latest Ads" block is visible for the Anonymous Users Group. You should also check Groups settings for the Anonymous Users Group. Check to make sure you have given Module Access rights for the Ads module. Then you need to check the Block Access Rights. There is a block called "Latest Ads". Make sure this is checked for the Anonymous Users Group.


 Re: Catads v 1.40

installed the catads module.
tested with an ad submission.
preference set for ad submission approval.
published ad but it is still waiting for approval. where do i go to approve the ad for viewing by registered users?
later. for now just changed to no ad submission approval and alls working well

new question. trying to prevent anyone other than webmaster from submitting an ad but can't get this to work. been around the houses from blocks, to groups turning permissions and visibility on and off but no such luck.
what the answer or can I not achieve this?



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