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Evennews Mailer


Email based newsletter module. Provides email newsletter functionality to Xoops.

  • Import existing xoops user accounts
  • Newsletter archives
  • Extends default XOOPS mailing options.

System Requirements:

    Submitter: webmaster
    Publisher: ackbarr
    Updated On: 2009/08/03

    Version: 2.1
    Release Status: 
    Downloads: 17353
    File Size: 51.46 Kb

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    LAN(10M) : 0.05s
    Price: Free | Platform: 2.0.x | License: Sun Community Source License | Limitations: None

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    • Friend of XOOPS

     Re: Evennews Mailer

    Errors/issues when used with XOOPS 2.3 final

    Evennews Newsletter module - the newsletter's message field is not when the message is saved/opend from the mesasage archive for editing it does not show the content of the field, however if the message is sent immediatly without archiving it does work fine.

    any fix?


    Author Thread