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Title: Wiwimod

Description: Wiwi is a wiki module for Xoops 2.x , offering smart editing features and a fine access control to the content. Use it as a "plain" wiki for collaborative documentation, or to build a web site with read_only and editable sections upon user privileges.

New features include Xoops notifications, switch editors while editing and some new useful tags.

Note : As from version 0.8, wysiwyg editors no more are part of Wiwimod package ; so if you wish to use the wysiwyg feature, you'll find extended versions of Spaw and HTMLArea here , or check the Xoops wysiwug editors project : this is the most promising work for Xoops on the wysiwyg editing concern !

Category Path: Information > Wiki

Reviews total: 3

Reviewer : PaulSinnema 2005/02/26
Rated Resource
"Nice Wiki"
This module is very nice. It allows you to create text and instantly publish it on your website. I use it to write my articles on several subjects like JAVA, Uniface, VB and so on..


- A very nice feature is the automatic links that are produced at the top of the page. Makes navigating very friendly.
- The module supports several editors (SPAW, HTMLArea, Koivi).
- The module also support revisions. Made a mistake, you can immediatly repair that by restoring to a previous version.


- A drawback I found is the CamelCase linking. If you use a word that starts with a capital and has at least one more capital (i.e. CamelCase) the wiwimod sees this as a possible link. I've had some trouble publishing source code, since in sources I tend to use this kind of layout.
- Another drawback I found is the dependency on the browser you use when editing. Couldn't get the SPAW editor to work in Mozilla, but it's a minor problem. Using IE solves that.
- The wysiwig doesn't always work properly. What you see in the editor isn't always what you get on your site.

Overall I think this is a very nice module. It works flawless apart from the things described above and Xavier has been very helpfull solving some of the bugs. I give it a big 7.

Reviewer : pdajunkee 2005/04/01
Rated Resource
"Great option for a Wiki"
Great module, excellent option for implementing a Wiki using the wysiwyg editors out there. I think it's going to be perfect to make it easy for non-technical people to add and update pages.

Installed with no problems, got Kiovi editor working no problems, started entering content no problems.

I was also looking for a wiki that allowed comments to be easily added. Nice touch!

The automatic breadcrumbs are perfect too!

PDF creation is great, I see there are a few bugs with this right now. But I'm hoping these will be fixed soon, it's an important feature for me.

Reviewer : macmend 2008/05/30
Rated Resource
"name has to go"
while this seems like a great mod, and it is i can't use it on my site as WiWi really has too many connotations with children going to the toilet and urine. Changing the name would really help