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The "article" module is an advanced content management module for Xoops 2.3.x, and 2.4.x

It is ideal for article or knowledge management, meanwhile it is capable to serve as a comprehensive news module or blog system simply by setting corresponding preferences. Some of the features:
multiple category, multiple page, flexible template, fine permission and workflow control, editor/user role separation, full-featured content presentation, customizable edit form, easy-to-clone, etc.

Reviews total: 3

: TopKnot 2008/02/16

   "problems with module"
Article 1.0 from the Module Repository is is buggy:

I can install the module. I can create Categories. I can create Topics. But I cannot create an article.

Installed under the following parameters:
PHP Version::4.4.7
MySQL Version::4.1.22-standard
Module Version::1

The message I get when trying to "Submit an article is:
Your publish shall be subject to GPL and © "Name of Website".

In debug I get the following:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: getinstance() in /home/discover/public_html/Frameworks/compat/class/xoopsform/formeditor.php on line 30

Just Installed a fresh copy of Frameworks from:

Just installed a fresh copy of xoopseditor from:

Updated system module and Article module.

Any help on this?

: TopKnot 2008/02/18

Errors out when trying to submit an article.

Note: I posted another review in this section but guess it wasn't an acceptable review. I'm trying again so others will know to look elsewhere.

Note 2: No luck trying to find support for this module either.

: TopKnot 2008/02/27

   "PHP 5 Only"
According to the developer, Article 1.0 has only been tested under PHP 5. Something to think about before downloading this module. This module didn't work for me under PHP 4.XX


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