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Title: ArMS

Description: ArMS (Article Management System) is XOOPS 2 module for managing multipage articles, tutorijals and everything else that has multipage text content.

Key features:

- 4 level data strucure:
-- categories
--- section
---- articles
----- pages
- crossposting (one article in more than one section)
- coauthoring (author of article can add extra permission to other users to help him write and maintain article)
- rating 1 - 5 (in ArMS 0.4 it is option - can be turned off from admin)
- XOOPS comments and search
- articles can be OnHold (article is not finished)
- smart hiding (if category or section is empty it will be hidden)
- blocks

NOTE: There is some known bugs and I don`t know how to fix them. Please take a look at docs/KNOWNBUGS.txt.

Category Path: Information > Articles

Reviews total: 4

Reviewer : Anonymous 2004/10/08
Rated Resource
"Quite complicated..."
Sorry, I don't like it at all.
Very complicated with the levels and all.
This is really only for somebody who uses this feature extensively.
I recomment the xoops article manager instead.

Reviewer : auctmore 2004/10/26
Rated Resource
"Alpha stage ?"
After adding arms to the xoops/modules directory the Admin tool only partially recognizes it. There is neither a logo for the arms module, nor does it have a title. Between the Install and the Info icons it says: [i]File not found[/] without specifying which one is missing.

Given the above and given the version number of 0.4 I believe this module is still in its Alpha stage. Which is a pitty, because I could put its four level hierarchy to good use.

Reviewer : CyberC 2005/01/31
Rated Resource
"ArMS works Great!"
Just tried this module on a server with php set to run as cgi, suexec environment, and it works absolutely great.
Previous mentioned ills seem to be fixed, and the couple of small bugs still active are referenced. Any proficient php coder (which I am not) should be able to fix these in a snap.

I definitely recommend it to anyone needing a more extensive category tree to get the enduser where they want to go.


Reviewer : Grover 2005/02/19
Rated Resource
"ArMS Rocks"
A complicated content management block with a steep learning curve. Not perfect but the best thing out there for organizing large amounts of content.