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Edito is a small module for managing static content and arranging it in an easy to use navigation

Reviews total: 3

_MD_WFD3_REVIEWER : solo71 2004/10/04
   "Edito : as simple as that"
Edito is an easy to use content manager, which allows you to create as much as you want pages with hml and BBcodes, or simple texte.

This version feature many new function in comparison with the 1.x serie.

Attention, this version is not compatible with any previous version, and require a ful reinstallation.

- Xoops text edito
- Pictures uploader
- Index page
- Logo, title
- Ranking (date, alphabet, popularity,…)
- Up to 4 different blocks with multiple possibilities (see above)
- Default text
- Default and restricted configuration
- Group access management

There are many way to use edito. Almost each and every things you see in this module can be changed easily, for each edito, or generally with module settings. The admin can define general settings for each edito, or let each edito being settled up…
- show picture
- show title
- show block’s content or not
- show link in navigation blocks

In the general setting, you can define many things :
- default index text
- directories for picture upload
- date format
- pictures size
- index order
- default text for new editos
- possible extended options for each editos…

There are 4 available multipurpose blocks with edito. Each and everyone of them can have various functions :
- show latest edito
- show most popular
- show randomly
- show linked edito (block content depends on the edito you are on)
- show a particular edito

The navigation block allows to show online edito in a different block.

You can reach any edito through various way :
- index page (with or without picture)
- main menu sublinks
- navigation block (with or withouth pictures)

You can easily administrate your editos through the general admin page, or directly with direct edition button. You will be able to switch easily between administration and visualisation.

_MD_WFD3_REVIEWER : ksarkies 2005/05/08
   "Extended Review of Edito"
Edito creates a top index page of the content pages. Each page can also appear in a submenu of the Edito entry in the main menu. This is a useful distinguishing feature of Edito.

Each content page can be configured with a number of options:

Groups permitted to see the content page. The page will not appear in any links for deselected groups.

Display Main Menu link - allows the administrator to specify if the content page link is to appear as a submenu of the main menu.

Hide Block Content - this hides that part of the Edito text before any [blockbreak] tag in the Edito content page. The text before the tag appears in the associated block (see below) and can be used as a summary text.

The settings page is reasonably straightforward. The extended options allow global user control over the appearance of the Edito pages, in showing title, logo, submenu link and block summary text. The settings for individual pages do not appear in the page configuration if these extended options are disabled.

There are a number of Edito Blocks available. The Edito Menu block shows a link menu for the content pages added to Edito. The other four blocks show a link to a single content page and also show the text that is placed at the top of the Edito before the [blockbreak] tag. A "Read More ..." link gives access to the rest of the content page. If no [blockbreak] tag is present in the content page, all content is shown in the block.

The block "Edito 1" shows the first Edito page. Other blocks show random, popular and latest content pages.

In the Blocks section of System Administration, the block edit properties for the Edito blocks allows the administrator to select the source of the block content. The four Edito blocks (not the menu block) can be adapted to give different content, including selection of specific content pages.

The menu block properties provides options related to the sorting of the content links.


_MD_WFD3_REVIEWER : MIchaelMcA 2006/01/22
   "Simple and effective"
This module really is good. The wysiwyg editor works really well, the output is clean and the admin interface is simple - without a lot of the extraneous and confusing config options in some others. Which makes it especially good if you are giving it to a client who is looking for simple to use admin.



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