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Title: iContent

Description: The 4.5. Icontent is a html page management module with a lot of features like url automatic correction, automatic remove of header content, comments, votes, search, page upload, page download, online modification with wysiwyg editor, online creation of page and category, powerfull access management with the xoops groups etc...

Category Path: Information > HTML/Static

Reviews total: 2

Reviewer : ksarkies 2005/05/11
Rated Resource
"Has some interesting features"
This is an interesting content manager for two reasons. The first is that is has extensive documentation - something of a rarity among modules. It is in french or spanish; but at least it is there. Secondly the module works slightly differently to other content managers by creating subdirectories of the Xoops directory modules/icontent/inPages. These subdirectories will appear as a folder in the iContent main screen. The main screen may also have html pages. Subdirectories can be nested to arbitrary depth.

This gives it a familiar feel to those used to the directory structures on our computers, and also provides an optionally different and flexible style of providing content for our websites.

Another feature of this module is that it allows "shortcuts": entries in the main menu pointing to individual files. This is a quick link method for users that should enhance their ability to navigate quickly to important content.

Pages can be configured by changing the name, setting access rights, allowing comments and ratings, or hidden completely.
A wysiwyg editor (only if MS IE is used) is available.

There are five blocks available for iContent: List of defined shortcuts; List of Directories; Top directories; Top pages; New pages.

This is something to add to your list of options. I haven't tried it out extensively, but did not detect any problems.


Reviewer : webowner 2010/11/25
Rated Resource
"Really Like it, but"
I just found this module, and really like it...

But note it will only display HTML pages...

Is there a similiar module which will display Word (.doc) and/or Adobe Reader (.pdf) documents ?

Please get back to me. I would love to see this feature in your next edition. Otherwise the module as you have it now is Excellent.