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The subscription module allows you to create and manage subscriptions for your XOOPS content. When a user "purchases" a subscription, he or she is added to the XOOPS security group that the subscription's type is assigned.

VERSION 0.95-3:
Fixed bug in sub_detail.php report.

Reviews total: 3

_MD_WFD3_REVIEWER : strestout 2006/03/03
   "Subscription Module .61 and Paypal Gatew"
This is a fantastic module… a true gift to the XOOPS community!

The subscription module is exactly what many XOOPSters have been anxiously awaiting. If you want to charge a fee for membership or subscription to certain areas of your site, this mod is for you. Setup is easy, and instructions are well-written. Subscription properties are versatile allowing the creation of any number of subscription types and intervals. Subscription types integrate perfectly with XOOPS by utilizing XOOPS’ built-in groups/permissions features. The admin interface is straightforward and easy to use. The subscription module comes with a default payment gateway which is easy for users to complete (a simple form for offline cc processing) and a snap for admin to manage on the back-end (great if you also want to accept checks or money orders). Either way, subscribers have immediate access (no waiting means more potential paid subscriptions!). Alternatively, you can install Third Eye’s Paypal Gateway (an easy plug-in). For me, this gateway completes the module. It’s awesome! It provides instant payment through Paypal and immediate access for users without any admin intervention. It’s all automated and a breeze for even the most novice XOOPSters and their users. If you use Paypal, this seamless gateway is a must-have for the subscription module!

Now on to support for this mod… in a nutshell, Third Eye support is superb. They are patient, sincere, and attentive. Their response time is excellent. They are very professional and dedicated to their software and users. Their support is way beyond what I expected.

Overall, the module is new and probably still has a few small bugs, but I am extremely pleased with my experience so far.

Outstanding work, Third Eye!

_MD_WFD3_REVIEWER : MinnesotaW 2010/02/22
   "Works if you don't use manual transactio"
Been using this module and paid for the gateway. If someone enters a manual transaction because it wasn't done through Paypal, the module stops recording the automated ones through the gateway for a period, then starts working again.

Posted a couple of times for support and didn't get any. So if you buy...expect to be on your own for support (heck just look at their support page, that tells the story...posted questions with no replies).

Not sure who the other reviewer is that said what awesome support they have...I didn't see it.

_MD_WFD3_REVIEWER : eantipa 2010/10/31
   "Usless as a free module"
This by rights should be in the paid stuff corner.

I only tried the "free" module and is useless. However... since this is listed as a free resource i shall voice my experience with it.

Here it goes: doesent do anything... unless you have the nice paid part... so... well sorry i wasted the time


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