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Title: FreeContent WebDigest

Description: With WebDigest capability FreeContent becomes the first Knowledge oriented content tool for Xoops.

FreeContent allows you not only to present easily a variety of contents but also to make concept/topic oriented WebIntelligence, to organize community discussion with always up to date and fresh content and information.

Freecontent WebDigest uses advanced and powerful Text Retrieving Technics to automatically generate relevant contents for your website.

Webdigest is a new Concept of Knowledge Gathering, todays popular websites' homepages contain quantity of infomations and advertissments in a giant "Dazahui", a huge mixture where every single sign is trying to attract your attention.

With Webdigest, your attention will no longer be wasted, no longer be distracted nor ill oriented, so FreeContent Webdigest adds value, in our world of Attention Economy, attention is money, FreeContent saves your attention.

Category Path: Communication > Syndication

Reviews total: 2

Reviewer : kavaXtreme 2005/01/23
Rated Resource
"Headline Gatherer"
A useful little module that functions similarly to a news feed agregator. Only instead of needing an XML URL, it can generate headlines from a regular web page. These can be output to a seperate page or to a block. The headlines can also be output to a news ticker block.

Whether it's useful to you or not will depend on whether you need those specific functions.

Reviewer : ummpur 2005/09/12
Rated Resource
"Freecontent woes"
I wished it worked.
I installed it, but it doesnt do anything,
only gives out errors that THIS page cannot be displayed.
Thats the same fol all links coming with the module.

The worst: Not working links cannot even be deleted.

I tried to Put in an own link, but that was not accepted.