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VirusFlash (SophosFlash)

This module creates a sophosFlash block which contains the 10 latest virus warnings from Sophos.com and an index page with all retrieved virus alert links.

The alerts are retrieved from Sophos.com through an XML document that is read once every 8 hours.

Thanks to sophos.com for the alert feed and, of course, the xoops team.

Reviews total: 3

_MD_WFD3_REVIEWER : alienday 2004/11/27
This is pretty much an xml feed into a 10 x 3 table. Fairly plain. Any click opens a page to sophos.com.

_MD_WFD3_REVIEWER : dfinch 2005/11/17
   "Not Ready For Prime Time"
I installed this module and set it to display on the Admin top page (to check it out first). This turned out to be a colossal judgement error.

When attempting to reenter Administration, this code ran and then hung the interface. XOOPS is blowed up. Ooops. This happens when the the module inits and attempts to download XML data from a non-existant URL at Sophos.

To recover, it was necessary to manually remove references to this module in several MYSQL tables and drop the table created by this module.

But if you want to have some fun...rock on.

_MD_WFD3_REVIEWER : Rayvenhaus 2008/07/31
   "Not working"
This module/block is not working at all. The URL used in the code is a valid page and delivers an XML feed of the latest viruses as listed at Sophos. However, it does nothing. It puts nothing in the database, it displays no errors, nothing. And the URL listed for the author is valid but points to a website that it now running Joomla.



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