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Title: Chat MX 1.1

Description: New version of chatmx, with correction of bugs.

- Public and private mesages
- Alert sound
- Word filtering
- Messages review
- Administration section with banning and kicking

- Unpack the zip or tar.gz file un modules folder
- CHMOD to 666 cache folder and 777 cache/banned_ip.txt cache/msg.txt cache/users.txt files.
- Install the module in xoops

See a demo here:
Chat de Guanajuato
For updates and suport, visit XOOPS Mexican Suport site

Category Path: Communication > Chat

Reviews total: 5

Reviewer : Anonymous 2004/10/08
Rated Resource
"Nice, but..."
I could not completely get it to work.
If you don't really have a very active stream of visitors on your website, I recomment the irc chat, because it connects to whole chat communities.
AND ALSO: I don't like the fact that some words remain in spanish, even though I am using the english version.. hey, your patriotism should stops somewhere!
Plus: It looks really fine!

Reviewer : eman28 2005/01/14
Rated Resource
"nice but"
i couldn't get it to work either. was a nice layout and something i wanted to use but couldnt get it to work completely

Reviewer : sparkiwi 2005/08/02
Rated Resource
"Works OK - Looks great"
Nice module - a bit slow especially when leaving the chat. I seem to have to press the exit button a few times before it works.

I edited the ../chatmx/language/english/main.php file to clean up the english translation a bit and this made it much better.

Suggestion - would be great if you could code that upon the last person exiting the chat you cleared the msg.txt file so that it was fresh when a person next entered.

Reviewer : stumpy 2006/02/22
Rated Resource
"Did not work"
The chat room works but I have double menus showing on the left, can't get into the chat manager.Grtting locked in a loop.

Xoops 2.2.3

Gonna try installing the 2.4 patch to see if it will then run, doubt it.

shame really as it looks ok when using.

Reviewer : Watchmanz 2009/04/10
Rated Resource
I followed the instructions in XOOPS Module download and in the readme file. Installed perfectly, went to use it, entered my user name and pressed "Enter" and nothing happens. It just goes back to the 'input your name' screen. It does this whether I try the 'inline' version or the 'pop-up' version. It's a shame because it looked promising, but I need something that works when it's installed properly.