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Debaser is a multimedia module for XOOPS. Any kind of multimedia files can be displayed / played if an appropriate player is available.

Reviews total: 4

: ivan8r 2005/04/12

   "Very Nice Module"
I am very happy to see this module in development. I am looking forward to using the upcoming playlist features! I have installed this module on my company intranet, and so far it's been very popular. The ability to play so many different formats on so many different players is very powerful!

The only thing I can really complain about is that when I am moving files into categories, it would be nice to have a checkbox system where all checked items would be moved into the desired genre/category. Other than that, I am very happy!

One more desired feature, although it's probably not possible, would be to offer a feature to encode from CD into MP3 or another useful format. It would make it easier for users to add to the music library.

Great module! Keep up the good work!

: rune79 2005/05/09

   "Very nice!"
Great module, and it works as well... nice

: rune79 2005/05/10

   "Just works!"
I am on a server with tight security issues and a lot of restrictions, ussualy i would not getting a module like this to work, but this one does!


: MorelyDotes 2005/05/31

   "debaser 0.92"
debaser is an excellent module for organizing and presenting an extensive library of MP3 files. It also has the capability of handling video files; however, since there are no ID3 tags in video files, and the range of file typs is much wider (e.g., avi, mpeg, mov, etc.) debaser doesn't do quite as good a job with them.

The batch upload feature makes categories automatically and arranges the MP3s in them. Sometimes this can have odd consequnces, but that's entirely the fault of the person who ripped the files and chose some strange category entries (I've discovered I have one track with a category of PopcornOther, for example).

There are still a couple of minor bugs (I'm being presented with two category selections for R&B, for example), and any MP3s that don't have categories in the ID3 tag (or simply don't have ID3 tags), and any video files, will land in the "Other" category when you use the batch feature; overall, however, this module is a real boon to those who have a need for a Web-based media server.


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