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myAlbum-P is yet another photo album module for XOOPS2.
This module was made with the slogan "Easy to use for even the beginners".

Since myAlbum-P can be used for multiple purposes, you can easily install this module multiple times.

In particular, ImageManager integration is useful for most XOOPS users. This feature means that almost XOOPS modules can access auto-resized and auto-thumnailed images via the built-in ImageManager. Of course, auto-generated thumnails are used in selecting images and in the article body, though the thumnail in the article body has a link to the main, bigger images.

In myAlbum-P 2.84, ImageManager Integration can handle non-image files. (Simplified Attachment Manager Integration). This means that you can attach any type of file (PDF, Excel, Word ... yes!) to most modules which have XoopsDhtmlTextarea.

"myAlbum-P is not a hacked module."
Although myAlbum-P started from a debugging version of Daniel's myAlbum 1.1.3 historically, the coding in the recent version has very little relation to Daniel's myAlbum.

Yes, myAlbum-P uses images from Daniel's myAlbum. This is the reason why I never eliminated Daniel's name and URL from the credits or footer.

I maintain myAlbum-P whose table's structures are fully compatible with myAlbum 1.1.3. However, I realize that this limitation prevents myAlbum-P from better improvements too.

If I could, I'd like to make another photo album module fully independent of myAlbum.

Reviews total: 5

_MD_WFD3_REVIEWER : chipthamac 2005/02/09
This was very easy to use and install.
Has batch upload feature and just does an over all awesome job.
A quick note, the only problem that I had, was that on the batch upload, its not clear what path it wants, the server path or http path.
Well it wants the server path, and if you don't get it right, it won't give you an error, just a blank space in the middle of the page.
Hope this helps you all decide.
4 stars from me.

_MD_WFD3_REVIEWER : delesse 2005/04/07
   "large number of users ?"
A very good module!

But the batch mode (to upload a directory) fails when a large number (how many? 2700 ?) of users are in the database: it's impossible to select a submitter.

I suggest to replace the line ~ 141 in modules/myalbum/admin/batch.php :
$submitter_select = new XoopsFormSelectUser( _AM_TH_SUBMITTER , 'submitter' , false , $submitter,1) ;

with (taken from /modules/system/admin/users/users.php):
include_once XOOPS_ROOT_PATH."/class/pagenav.php";
$userstart = isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['userstart']) ? intval($HTTP_GET_VARS['userstart']) : 0;
$member_handler =& xoops_gethandler('member');
$usercount = $member_handler->getUserCount();
$nav = new XoopsPageNav($usercount, 200, $userstart, "userstart", "fct=users");
$user_select = new XoopsFormSelect('', "submitter");
$criteria = new CriteriaCompo();
$submitter_select = new XoopsFormElementTray( _AM_TH_SUBMITTER, "<br />");
$user_select_nav = new XoopsFormLabel('', $nav->renderNav(4));


_MD_WFD3_REVIEWER : monique 2005/07/30
   "Great Module"
It's great. Image manager is very handy. You can easily make mods. To see an example, look at my site ARTwire.

_MD_WFD3_REVIEWER : blahblahsit 2005/12/19
   "Most excellent!"
This mod is soooo good, I can't believe how easy it was to install and configure and use! KUDOS to the coder!

_MD_WFD3_REVIEWER : graphius 2009/06/17
   "error on installing"
when I tried to install, I got an error. after a bit of search I found this:
x_res error

now it works fine.


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