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Title: Invision Power File Manager

Description: A filemanager originally designed by Stephen from Invision and ported to XOOPS by Jan304. You HAVE to agree with special licence.

This is not an opensource application. Please keep that in mind. But of course you are free to use.

Category Path: Admin Tools > File Management

Reviews total: 1

Reviewer : arpboy 2004/10/07
Rated Resource
"Exactly what I was looking for."
This is a very nice module. I have a need to let certain users upload specific files, such as a video file that is used on the website, and updated weekly. My ISP only gives me my webmaster login for FTP, and I'm not willing to give the "keys to the kingdom" to any user.

This program allows you to define directories, permissions, and specific users in such a way as to have extremely fine granularity of permissions. Exactly what I was looking for.

It's interface is a little goofy to me; it's not intuitive at first, especially if your users are used to explorer-type interfaces, although once you understand the paradigm, it works fine.

It's a job well done.