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Title: ZenCart On XOOPS

Description: It is the module which can display Zen-Cart on XOOPS.

Zen-Cart is an open source application for e-commerce.

Zen-Cart is a standalone software, but ZOX customized it for modules of XOOPS.
This module does the work of shopping cart and can build a flexible online shop because other splendid modules of XOOPS work as other contents (community).

More infomation and Download is here.

online demo

In addition, I think that cannot answer it even if I have messages because I am weak in English. Please understand it.

Category Path: E-commerce > Stores

Reviews total: 3

Reviewer : yingzhao 2010/04/23
Rated Resource
"Great module"
This module is exactly what I had been looking for. It bridges the gap between Xoops, a CMS, and Zen Cart, e-commerce. The only area that it could further work on, as I see, is to achieve the SSO between Xoops and ZC. Right now, users are using different id/pw to log into them respectively.

Reviewer : darnellsmith 2010/06/12
Rated Resource
"User login fails"
This ZEN module works well up until cart members want to come back and re-order or login to get their downloads. The system fails user login with "There was a security error when trying to login."

If this was fixed it would be great.

Reviewer : Martinben 2011/11/19
Rated Resource
"ZenCart On XOOPS"
ZenCart On XOOPS works absolutely fine on my installation - IF you read the Readme documentation and follow the instructions detailed in there BEFORE INSTALLATION.

Tip: Download the module, and unpack/unzip it - Then read documentation.
In that order.

Running Xoops 2.5.3 with Zox version of ZenCart On XOOPS 1.35