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Title: OnAir

Description: An updated version of my first script Culex Dj rotator, now named only Onair.

I have cleaned up my code and most are rewritten to match the xoops standards.

This module is originally written to use with radio, to show who is online (picture, start & end, name, title of show & what song is playing) & who is on next with same details.

Use this as a banner rotator, to show your schedule, movies in tv or what ever you want to show on your frontpage on a timed basis.

Also I added the ability to link on to a more detailed description of the event as well as the ability to add dated playlists.

06 June 2009.: Released the module for testing on (Xoops Forums module reviews)

07 june 2009

- Reprefixed my functions // Thanks to Trabis
- Added intval(), addslashes() to some functions not using them // Thanks again to Trabis
- fixed function playlistall to show all playlists
- Fixed warnings in playlists.php
- fixed admin/index.php so events are sorted day,start not only by day

13 june 2009

- Changed the save and add new event functions. If start > stop time then automaticly these
are changed to '23:59:59'
- Changed the function in script to show current event running and if this is last before
midnight then choose first after midnight for the "Comming up" container.

Version 1.03
26 june 2009

- Adjusted the template to show day name in every query
- Make function to show different background where event is onair now.

Version 1.04
27 july 2009

- Deleted the dhtml- scroller from templates/blocks/onair_block.html
- Deleted the one
from templates/blocks/onair_block.html
- Added Jquery 1.3.2 to /include/jquery and added to templates/blocks/onair_block.html
- Added jquery to replace content of the remaining div with data from 2 seperate php files using the blocks/simple_now block
- Added 2 php files using the block function to place static block content into the jquery // inspired by Hervé's example
- Added 2 templates to xoops_version these are used by the 2 php files being called by jquery to fill the div in /blocks/onair_block.html
- Added check language i simple_now.php. These are nessesary for translating the data got from the 2 php files.
- Added a check to b_onair_block for looking for next event next day in case there are no more the specific day.

Category Path: Date and Time

Reviews total: 1

Reviewer : mboyden 2011/08/10
Rated Resource
"OnAir - A Solid Start"
My review of Onair 1.04. I've put it to use on Enjoy.