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Title: Tutorials

Description: Tutorials is a content module for Xoops current features: - an adding, and delete as many as desired categories and subcategories inclusive change for appropriate picture and description - creation of groups in each category (optional) - adding, change and delete from Tutorials or other contents of - Upload of pictures for categories and Tutorials (optional) - Useruploads can closed become - category and Tutoriallogos can be scaliert proportionally up to the max. fixed size - announcement more externally Tutorial on the left of in their own window or in the Framebrowser - Bewertungsystem for the Tutorials - possibility for the change of the indicator layout in the attitudes

***REQUIRES IE 5.5 to UPLOAD PICTURES*** If you fix this for mozilla/firefox email me code at (my site)

Category Path: Support > Knowledgebases

Reviews total: 2

Reviewer : jensclas 2004/11/14
Rated Resource
"Important note for xoops newbies"
I am really keen to make use of this block and haven't started yet because of the setting up which asked me to do templates - as a newbie to xoops i was floored and really unsure so I asked the question. The bottom line is that if you are a newbie you do not need to fill the spaces - My tutorials may well use the default templates without tnkering from you. I hope this is right - I will be trying it out this week - but here is the text of the response I got to my questions:My Tutorials template question

The important parts of the answers are here incase that link is something I haven't done quite right:

Don't know if this is right or not to be honest

Most modules do indeed seem to have templates which they install into the template set when we install the module.

While the module Tutorials (I think authored by someone in Germany?) does have templates already, it does do things a bit differently.

1. Why does this module ask my to provide a template? - every other module I have installed has obviously used the default template set. Does this module not fit those ones?

Each module adds its own default templates to the default template set when you install the module.
Tutorials has its own templates but they are not accessed the same way as other modules.They do not appear in the set and cannot be played with that way.

It does have default templates so you do not HAVE TO provide template code. The default is to provide nothing and it will use its own in-built templates like other modules.

2. Once I have a template how do I tell My Tutorials module to use it - simply paste in the template code I create? Or Will I have to ftp the template file to xoops - if so where so that my tutorials will use it.

Within the admin section of the module Tutorials - General Config it allows you to input your own template code for each of three sections.
3.tutorial content

Each of these then has a checkbox to activate your code to supercede the original template.

So, if you do make a nice template, just paste it into the appropriate area and then check the box that says 'aktivate' then this i.e. your inputted code will become the default template.

In short, I do not think it is very different to other modules really, it just allows you to input template code in another area as opposed to the normal place...

Actually it is quite nice in one way because you can turn new ideas on and off just by checking the box, this means you can have some code that still needs work , leave the box unchecked to let the default template run and return to your code when you have time...

いそがばまわれ ー isogabamaware

Reviewer : Tindi 2005/11/11
Rated Resource
"Tutorial module sucks!"
This is one of the most disgusting modules that xoops has put up..

it doesn't performed as advertised.. which is criminally false advertising..

don't waste your time with this piece of junk!..

WF Section is 100 times better!