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No More Bots - XOOPS Antibot Signup

Author: Simon Roberts (wishcraft)
Version: 1.02

Have you ever noticed how some programmers have been witting spam bots that automatically sign up to your website. They signup with usernames like newz002344 and so on, this is an implementation of Captcha, that prevents bot and only humans from signing up.

All you have to do is unzip into the root of your xoops installation and CHMOD 775/777 the path /uploads/_captcha_tmp/

This required GD2 Library to be installed and utilises one of the better turning keys for registration.

It is more of a security patch! It has been tested on xoops 2.0.14 - 2.0.16, unsure if compatible with later versions.
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Xoops Comments - Prevent Anonymous User Spam

Although there is option in every module that would let you choose who can post a comment. But what if you want anonymous users to post comments as well. There isn't any option (at least I couldn't find any) that will prevent anonymous users from spamming. So this hack will prevent spam if a url\link is found in anonymous users' post.

As always recommended while playing with hacks, make sure you backup the file you will be editing. In this case its: XOOPS_ROOT_DIR\Include\comment_post.php

Note: I have tested it only on Xoops 2.0.16


1) Open XOOPS_ROOT_DIR\Include\comment_post.php

2) Look for the following on line 138

Original Code

$doimage 1;
$comment_handler =& xoops_gethandler('comment');
$add_userpost false;
$call_approvefunc false;
$call_updatefunc false;

3) Change it to ...

//myhack - Prevent Anonymous User Spam
    //if a URLLINK is found in link, then dont let annonymous user post.
$myhack_comment $_POST['com_text'];
$myhack_title $_POST['com_title'];
//checking if poster is anonymous
if (!is_object($xoopsUser)) {
        if (
preg_match("/http/",$myhack_comment) || preg_match("/www/",$myhack_comment) || preg_match("/href/",$myhack_comment) || preg_match("/http/",$myhack_title) || preg_match("/www/",$myhack_title)) {
"Dont Spam Bitch!!!!!";
        else {
//end of myhack

$doimage 1;
$comment_handler =& xoops_gethandler('comment');
$add_userpost false;
$call_approvefunc false;
$call_updatefunc false;

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Friendly URLs for Static Content

Emma Watson Online is proud to announce the start of exciting XOOPS guides on making access to content more search engine and user friendly.

Our first guide in the series will show you how to use mod_rewrite to turn: into

You can read the guide at:

The next guide in the series will show you how to easily link to that content in your XOOPS pages and blocks.
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A Xoops Summer - “Portable” version USB?

This summer, I have a site under xoops to report my holidays…
To carry out that, the Laboratory prepared you a version Xoops 2.0.16 "Portable" functioning on an USB key with the miniservor Movamp and Firefox browser.

This preinstalled version is made up of the main modules (in French and English version) : edito, news, smartsection, cbb/newbb, myalbum, mylinks, wfdownloads, smartpartner, contact, sitemap, myiframe, tinyeditor, multimenu, backup, blockadmin, xoopsinfo, xoopscare, protector and xplorer. With this package, you will have all the elements necessary to build your website some is the place of your stay.

You wish to make discover Xoops with your friends? Do not hesitate to duplicate your USB key!

You can download this executable package (for Windows only) at this address.

Installation process (video of presentation on this link) :

  1. Decompress the folders and file on your key usb while launching the executable “serveur_movamp_xoops_2016en.exe”
  2. To go in the file “serveur_movamp_xoops_2016en” and to launch “start.bat”
  3. To authorise the execution of movamp or/and firefox in the windows of your firewall (if necessary)
  4. You here on your site, there are two members of create : one with rights of administration (pseudo: admin, pass: admin) and a second with rights of recorded member (pseudo: user, pass: user)
  5. To carry out your website!! while also serving to you as the help files or readme contained in the modules.

In spite of the possibility of publishing and of amending the files using the Xplorer module, I recommend to you all the same to add certain soft in “portable” version, for example: Maxthon or Firefox or Opera as navigator Internet, PsPad Editor or NotePad ++ as editor of file, FastStone Image Viewer for the images, and 7Zip for the compression (or decompression) of files.

You here now fine loan to spend an excellent summer under the Xoopsien sun, without capture of head!!

The support of this package is ensured on the forum of the Laboratory and on that of the French Community Xoops France.

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Two cool xcgal hacks .. Pagetitle and RSS feed

ARABXOOPS is happy to announce you a new two cool hacks for xcgal module.

xcgal Pagetitle hack ..improve the searchability of your site!
xcgal is one of the most popular galleries but it's use name of module as pagetitle for all pages, so this will lead to lose of most vistors and remember: google, yahoo and msn search engines are vistors too!!
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RSS feed hack for xcgal Module .. share your photos with others!
Displays latest photos via RSS 2.0 feed.
Read more

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Nuke2Xoops Very Simple (Users Table)

Today I need these php codes for transferring nuke users to a xoops site..and I wrote these codes and wanted to share with you

It is very simple..just use it
"localhost"// your mysql host
$MysqlKullanici "root"// your mysql user name
$MysqlSifre ""// your mysql password
$NukeVeritabaniAdi "nuke"// your nuke database name
$NukeVeritabaniOneki "nuke"// your nuke prefix
$XoopsVeritabaniAdi "xoops"// your xoops database name
$XoopsVeritabaniOneki "xoops"// your xoops prefix

$veriyolu mysql_connect($MysqlHost$MysqlKullanici$MysqlSifre);
$nukeuyelerinisor mysql_query("SELECT * FROM ".$NukeVeritabaniOneki."_users ORDER BY user_id ASC");
$nukeuyeleri mysql_fetch_array($nukeuyelerinisor)) {
$kayit mysql_query("INSERT INTO ".$XoopsVeritabaniOneki."_users (uid, uname, email, user_regdate, pass, umode) VALUES('".$nukeuyeleri['user_id']."', '".$nukeuyeleri['username']."', '".$nukeuyeleri['user_email']."', '".time()."', '".$nukeuyeleri['user_password']."', 'flat');");
$kayit) {
mysql_query("INSERT INTO ".$XoopsVeritabaniOneki."_groups_users_link (groupid, uid) VALUES ('2', '".$nukeuyeleri['user_id']."');");
$nukeuyeleri['username']." added successfully <br />";
    else {
$nukeuyeleri['username']." passd because this id has already exists <br />";
"<br />That's all .... <a href="">XoopSHoCasI</a>";

Bora Canbula --
Uncertified XOOPS Support
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Hidden Content Hack

Everybody knows 'Hidden Content' in Vbulletin forums. Now we can use it in XOOPS. It is very very easy.

File: class/module.textsanitizer.php
We add only a few lines in our module.textsanitizer.php then we can use Hidden Content in news, newbb, sections etc. modules.

Now you must find these lines in module.textsanitizer.php
function &xoopsCodeDecode(&$text$allowimage 1)
$patterns = array();
$replacements = array();

and change these lines like this
function &xoopsCodeDecode(&$text$allowimage 1)
$patterns = array();
$replacements = array();
$patterns[] = "/XhiddencontentX(.*)X/hiddencontentX/sU";
$_SESSION['xoopsUserId']) {
$replacements[] = '\1';
        else {
$replacements[] = '<a href="'.XOOPS_URL.'/register.php"><img src="'.XOOPS_URL.'/hidden.gif" alt="Hidden Content" /></a>';

and alsa I use an image file to explain the situation in my xoops root folder, it is hidden.gif..and looks like this
Resized Image

and now you can use it like this
XhiddencontentX This is hidden contentYou can see this when you register and login X/hiddencontentX

I prefer to use it with XhiddencontentX but you can change it whatever you like

You must wrote the this at the hidden contents beginning

and at the end

You can use it with images, articles, news. Its biggest advantage is you haven't to hide all article, with this you can hide only a part in it

Bora Canbula ( - )
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Frameworks 1.01 is released

Frameworks provides a collective of common functions, classes, service packages like fpdf, tranfser that are required or can be used by modules like article, cbb, planet, wordpress, mediawiki and more

Major updates in the release:
1 site-wide wiki syntax, requested by sandmann
2 auto detection of flash dimension, requested by Rickb

Download and details: Frameworks for article, cbb, planet and more
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XOOPS EXM Available!

Resized ImageXOOPS EXM 2.0.16 is available to download at our downloads section(registration required). XOOPS EXM is only a graphical modification of the XOOPS administration section that enhances the interface visually for a nicer look and simpler usage.
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Photo & Profiles Hack for Xoops 2.0.x

Although this may dissapoint many users, I have to inform you that as from November 2006, I will no longer continue to maintain the Photo & profiles hacks for XOOPS.

I will endeavour to try & support existing installations of it, and will continue to offer it for download.

But I will not be making anymore updates to the hack, including core updates when the next versions of XOOPS are released.

My reasoning for discontinuing this hack is mainly due to lack of time and the fact that there are now better options available.

I highly recommend the use of Formulize 2.2 module along with the registration codes hack, created by, with both these installed you can easily customise your profile pages whenever you require + a whole lot more..

you can find both modules at

A Big thankyou to everyone who has found a use for my hack, I'm pretty sure I will come up with some more great hacks in the future that people will find useful.
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