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XOOPS Mexico is back again

XOOPS Mexico is back and is a pleasure to announce this news.

XOOPS Mexico has had a long history with XOOPS, and with the reopening of the site, we intend to continue writing the story of XOOPS.

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XOOPS Mexico is the Mexican site supporting XOOPS, whose primary mission is to promote and encourage the use of XOOPS in Mexico and the Spanish-speaking world.

Remember, we are in the early days of operation and we are starting to generate the content on the website. In the following days will post more information in the modules section, topics and articles to disseminate and report on the world XOOPS.

I invite you to visit the website.

XOOPS Mexico at: Twitter | Facebook | Web
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Dr. Yolande Lucire Moves from ASP to XOOPS

Dr. Yolande Lucire -
Moves from ASP to XOOPS - Work by Chronolabs Co-op

We are medical doctors and medico legal professional. Here at Dr. Yolande Lucire and Associates we strive to provide the best in medical legal advice in both and for prosecuting a malpractice or neglect case to even providing doctors with best fit scenario's for the health professionals.

If you are looking for advice or help and would like to obtain assistance with a medical legal service that we offer, then please browse our contact us section so you can choose the best form for you to fill out from our selection of forms and data sets.

If you're a doctor seeking medical legal advice or more information on one of our documented studies, then please fill out the doctor inquiry form in the contact us section and pay your fees associated with it and one of our professional will be back to you within 48 hours.

This site was put together over a number of days between bleekk and wishcraft. We are still waiting on some content copy to be provided, but it also has a new DMS module which is reliant on FTP upload of documents, but will display in XOOPS, this is to replace the old static content on the site with a DMS and PDF Files in orderly folders and subfolders.

Modules Used:
  • Profile 1.79
  • Docs 1.01
  • wflinks 1.06
  • XCenter 2.16
  • xNews 1.70
  • XoopsPolls 1.32
  • Tag 2.3
  • XPayment 1.51
  • IP Log 1.02
  • Protector 2.51
  • XOOPS 2.5.5

We are still waiting on the businessID SSL Certificate that has extra validation so they said it could be upto a week before I have it with the green box and everything secure. We got our SSL Certificates from which is by far the cheapest around.

Burn!!! XOOPS Fire Online Again!

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After a hiatus XOOPS Fire returns as a portal for dissemination of XOOPS in Brazil!

Our focus is to publish news, articles, tutorials and videos about XOOPS, so we add even more value to the XOOPS in Brazil!

That's it.

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Toyota Owners Manuals

Toyota owners manuals website is for all Toyota lovers. It's planned to gather news about Toyota and instructions with manuals for Toyota vehicles (all models, from Corolla to Yaris).

It's based on Xoops 2.5.5 and Publisher.

We collect data from other sources, nothing is hosted on our server (except news and photos).

The theme is based on Angelo Rocha theme, but modified.

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Toyota owners manuals - website is part of Car owners manuals group.

Are there any Toyota and Xoops lovers here?
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A wine Shop

Resized Image

I 'm sure you are a lot of reader who likes a good wine (specially French Wine)

So Please visit this french web site :


This Web Site used only some modules like :
- XNews
- MyTabs (Wonderful module, no limit)
- Xform

For the theme, i choosed a pretty website for XOOPS Theme : (
and worked on this theme : ixt00205 Rel.#3.0

The shop is nice and the boss gives always good adverties to help you to choose some good wines for your lunch.

Adverse Reactions Australia - Dr Yolande Lucire & Associates

Adverse Reactions Australia -

Adverse Reactions Australia is a website established by the medico-legal professionals Dr Yolande Lucire & Associates. It concentrates on adverse chemical reactions leading to suicide and homicide from the incorrect bonding of chemicals to proteins.

This site strategist to target both friends, family and patient that may be experiencing mood swings, abnormal and harmful thoughts and generally any patient who hasn't had their drug pathways (CYP9) tested before the procedure of medication and as it is in Australia forced care for mental health.

Quoting the about us:

We are a carefully selected associates of doctors, who practice in the best interest of our clients and their families. We look at malpractice and the incorrect dosage of pharmaceuticals in the general mental health and general health categories of both post and pre-doctrinal care to carefully look whether our client have been delivered the easiest form of care with pharmaceutical and other forms of health.

There is many different reasons for health care that offer you the wider variety of legal and para-legal services for the adoption of good health care and a wise judgement in the processes of care.

Currently we are looking for people and families who have had adverse reactions to pharmaceutical and other forms of medication which have provided an incorrect doctrine theology of the patient which combines mistakes on antidepressant, antipsychotic or mood stabiliser in pharmacology of a patient or family member.

Modules Used:
  • XCenter 2.16
  • XForum 5.78
  • XNews 1.69
  • Lawsuit 1.54
  • Twitterbomb
  • Tag 2.3
  • Protector 3.51

Core & Frame Used:
  • XOOPS 2.5.5

Site Designers:

Site Contact:
Dr. Yolande Lucire

Crushing and Screening Powered by Xoops

Resized Image

Resized Image

Modules :

Xlanguage 3.02
SmartSection 2.14
Puplisher 1
Tdmdownloads 1.5
mytube 1.5
Liaise 1.27
extGallery 1.07
sitemap 1.3
JQuery Marquee 1.3

Thank you Xoops !

Crushing and Screening
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CONESEF - Congresso Espírito-Santense de Educação Física is powered by XOOPS, based on the theme xLight.

Resized Image

Used Modules:
Mylinks 1,12
Mytube 1,05
Xfguestbook 2,3
Newbb 3,08
News 1,67
Multimenu 2,08
Liaise 1,27
Extgallery 1,1
Mytabs 2,2
Wblocks 0,9
TDMStats 1,06
eXtcal 1,22
fmContent 1.05
Membership 2,3
Xoops Polls 1,26

Site URL:

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New Traveller website powered by Xoops

After several successful Xoops projects I decided to stick with Xoops for yet another one and created a brand new website for travellers (in Russian).

Resized Image

Proudly powered by Xoops 2.5.5 rus

Theme used:

This is a custom theme I called Boost created using the Twitter Boostrap CSS library.

Modules used:

- News 1.66
- Random quote 1.0
- Contact 1.7.1

The News module has been modified to support SEO friendly URLs (e.g. news/item+4/schengen+visa).

Hacks used:

- blocks anywhere 1.1 by Trabis

Also CSS sprays are used to reduce server load.

Please visit us at getvisas[dot]ru. Your comments would be much appeciated.
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Libyan High National Elections Commission selects XOOPS for their new Website

After XOOPS was selected over several other competing CMS solutions to power the new Website of the Libyan Ministry of Defense, another high profile institution in Libya has selected XOOPS - this time the Libyan High National Elections Commission!

Resized Image

As in the previous case, they felt that XOOPS provides the best combination of features, security, and support. They also liked the modular approach of XOOPS, and the ease of adding new functionality by installing additional modules. And they felt that with the continues development of new XOOPS versions, there is a guarantee that XOOPS will be around for a long time.

As in previous case, it is thanks to the hard work of Mowaffaq and his team from, who were able to successfully demonstrate the value of XOOPS, and address all the questions from the technical stuff of the High National Elections Commission.

We are very proud that XOOPS has been selected by national, state, and local governments around the world, like State of Parana in Brazil ( or Tainan County in Taiwan.

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