YAXS: XOOPS Mexico is back again

Posted by: bitceroon 2012/9/14 7:01:43 6334 reads XOOPS Mexico is back and is a pleasure to announce this news.

XOOPS Mexico has had a long history with XOOPS, and with the reopening of the site, we intend to continue writing the story of XOOPS.

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XOOPS Mexico is the Mexican site supporting XOOPS, whose primary mission is to promote and encourage the use of XOOPS in Mexico and the Spanish-speaking world.

Remember, we are in the early days of operation and we are starting to generate the content on the website. In the following days will post more information in the modules section, topics and articles to disseminate and report on the world XOOPS.

I invite you to visit the website.

XOOPS Mexico at: Twitter | Facebook | Web