YAXS: Dr. Yolande Lucire Moves from ASP to XOOPS

Posted by: wishcrafton 2012/8/17 15:20:00 6002 reads Dr. Yolande Lucire - lucire.com.au
Moves from ASP to XOOPS - Work by Chronolabs Co-op

We are medical doctors and medico legal professional. Here at Dr. Yolande Lucire and Associates we strive to provide the best in medical legal advice in both and for prosecuting a malpractice or neglect case to even providing doctors with best fit scenario's for the health professionals.

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This site was put together over a number of days between bleekk and wishcraft. We are still waiting on some content copy to be provided, but it also has a new DMS module which is reliant on FTP upload of documents, but will display in XOOPS, this is to replace the old static content on the site with a DMS and PDF Files in orderly folders and subfolders.

Modules Used:
  • Profile 1.79
  • Docs 1.01
  • wflinks 1.06
  • XCenter 2.16
  • xNews 1.70
  • XoopsPolls 1.32
  • Tag 2.3
  • XPayment 1.51
  • IP Log 1.02
  • Protector 2.51
  • XOOPS 2.5.5

We are still waiting on the businessID SSL Certificate that has extra validation so they said it could be upto a week before I have it with the green box and everything secure. We got our SSL Certificates from www.cheapssls.com which is by far the cheapest around.