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Basic Flash Tutorials for Beginners.

Basic Flash Tutorials for Beginners.

If you are new to xoops there are now five more useful flash tutorials to help you through your first steps with administrating your site.

These tutorials are available as zipped downloads for you to view offline, or you can see them live without downloading them. Each tutorial has a 'download' or 'live' link for you to choose from. The tutorials will be inputted to complement existing Xoops FAQs or new FAQs created, so they will be easy to find for users in the future.
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XOOPS @ FOSDEM 2005 wants you!

The FOSDEM Team put out a call for Presence at the next FOSDEM meeting that will be held feb 26-28 2005 in Brussels, Belgium. Dries of the Drupal Developers Team suggested we'd collaborate on this and get a CMS Developer Room and Booth there. I was thinking that this could be a good place to organise a real XOOPS Development meeting? To meet other XOOPSers and talk about development issues and futures.
Depending on the programme and possibilities, there'd be no costs for this event, travel and lodging expenses are yours.

Mithrandir will be there, as will I (herko), Skalpa, Bunny, StudioC and Jan304 have also expressed interest in coming, but I'd like to see more people there! If more people will come, we can make a programme of sorts and get something cool worked out

So, let us know you're coming!

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Best XOOPS Month Ever

October has turned out to be the best month ever for XOOPS - statistically.

On, the statistics show more than 1½ million page views in October alone and more than 100,000 downloads.

Since the facelift, we have had a steady 50,000+ daily pageviews. Since October 23rd, we have been in the top-10 of active projects and we are the 15th most active project in all of October.

This is a great recognition of the work done here on - both the development of XOOPS and the support and guidance found in the forums.

A big thank you goes out to everyone in the XOOPS community

Keep XOOPS'ing

Showing off XOOPS @ LinuxWorldExpo next week!


If anyone's in London next Weds or Thurs then come along (if you're not already) to

I'll be on stand 192 with the people showing off what XOOPS can do.

See you there!

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The Future of the IPB 2.0 Module

For The Original Post, Click here

Hello everybody,

Because of IPB, Inc has been charging us the cost for using IPB 2.0 Final, our X-IPBM F200 will not be free on this site ( and can not be downloaded (because I don't have permission to distribute them for use freely anymore).
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Tipsters Wanted

Since its launch three months ago, has enjoyed a bit of success. We are averaging over 1,000 unique visitors a month. We hope that our visitors have benefited from our contents.

We are calling for tips from the community. If you are posting a tip in the Xoops forums, please also consider posting it on our site, either registering with us to post or sending it through the feedback form. Xoops forums offer vast wealth of information on tips and tricks, but finding them is bit of tricky. We are hoping to build as a TIPs repository for easy searching. Please join us and look forward to seeing you in our site.

Thanks to Solo71 (Wolfactory) for contributions to the site.


tl ||
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Xoops Documentation Site is finally OPEN !

Fellow Xoopsers, I am very pleased to announce that the Documentation Site is finally OPEN ! The pile of dusty books have now been replaced with a relaxing but informative front page. We hope you enjoy your view ...

What will you find here? A place for everything related to Xoops Documentation and opportunities for everyone who wants to contribute or receive something about Xoops related Documentation.
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CMS Find Thanks the Xoops Community

When we started CMS Find we contacted developers of content management systems. The Xoops Community was the first to respond with worldwide support for the CMS Find project. As of 15 July you have 64 web sites in the Xoops category. Thank you for your listings. To add more websites just visit us at

Oracle patents content management systems

Patent 6,745,238 was awarded to Oracle in June; it is titled "self service system for web site publishing." "The web site system permits a site administrator to construct the overall structure, design and style of the web site. This allows for a comprehensive design as well as a common look and feel for the web site. The web site system permits content for the web site to originate from multiple content contributors. The publication of content is controlled by content owners. This permits assignment of content control to those persons familiar with the content." This patent was filed in March, 2000; prior art should, one would think, be relatively easy to find. Refer to
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Free Software World Meeting

The ABUL associatin (Association Bordelaise des Utilisateurs de Logiciels Libres) organises his 5th "Rencontres mondiales du logiciel libre" (Free Software World Meeting) (RMLL 2004).

This meeting will take place from the 6th to the 10th of July 2004 in Bordeaux (France). This year, the theme has been set upon the CMS. Several CMS groups have already accepted the invitation; Nuke, Zope, Spip, BolinOs, and OpenMCMS.
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