News: Basic Flash Tutorials for Beginners.

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Basic Flash Tutorials for Beginners.

If you are new to xoops there are now five more useful flash tutorials to help you through your first steps with administrating your site.

These tutorials are available as zipped downloads for you to view offline, or you can see them live without downloading them. Each tutorial has a 'download' or 'live' link for you to choose from. The tutorials will be inputted to complement existing Xoops FAQs or new FAQs created, so they will be easy to find for users in the future.

Here is a brief summary of each tutorial and the links:
Blocks Basic.
A very simple explanation of how to Make a block visible and position it on your webpage.

Download (820kb zip)
Live link
Blocks Advanced.
Describes more comprehensive settings available through the Blocks Administration 'Edit' link.

Download (3.65mb zip)
Live link
Blocks Lost
Sometimes a block can get lost, if you deny it permission for all groups, this is how to find it.

Download (1.0mb zip)
Live link
Groups Permissions.
Shows you how to set permissions for groups to see a module and its blocks.

Download (2.3mb zip)
Live link
First website content
Demonstrates some basic admin. procedures such as simple configurations. Goes on to guide you through making your first custom block with some simple formatting. Also how to set its position and permission for anonymous as well as registered users.

Download (5.1mb zip)
Live link

The readme file in each tutorial:

"Xoops Tutorials for beginners

These tutorials are designed for beginners just starting out on their experience with xoops content management system. They detail some basic procedures for setting up and configuring the xoops website. See for details.

In each tutorial you will see 3 files

1- xxxxx.htm
2- xxxxx.swf
3- xxxxx.wnk

These files must be kept in the same folder for viewing the tutorials.

Tutorials can only be viewed in browsers that can display flash movies. If your browser cannot do this, the tutorials will not play. You can get the flash plugins by visiting

Once the tutorial file set has been downloaded onto your computer, open the folder and double click the xxxxx.htm file.
This should automatically open the file in your browser ready for viewing.

Credits: Thanks to DebugMode Wink for the tutorial application. This is distributed as freeware from the website

Any comments and questions on the content of the tutorials, please contact

Richard Strauss.