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Vraemperu a site powered by XOOPS

Vraem Peru is a site made ​​with XOOPS in Spanish, using template with image slider in the head.

Main modules:
- News
- xcgal
- xoopstube
- contact
- mastop_publish
- latestnews
- multimenu
- xsitemap


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Slider Head:
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Game Description Site powered by XOOPS

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Game Description Site powered by XOOPS



Xoops 2.5.6

Home Page :

Content :

List :

Game List :

Thanyou Xoops !

Oyun indir

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Dessert Recipes - New Xoops Project

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Modules :

Xoops Tag

Than you Xoops !

tatlı tarifleri

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DecoTrend Xoops

New Work Xoops

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Xoops Version : 2.5.6

Modules :
- Publisher 1
- XoopsTag 2.3
- eXtGallery 1.0.7
- AM Contact 0.08
- Mastop Go2 1.02

Thanks Xoops

Medikal Malzemeler
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New website

Hello everyone,

I am proud to present you a new website:

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This site is a music label.

It was built with XOOPS 2.5.6 and modules are :

- News
- Publisher
- XoopsTube
- Xsitemap
- Xforms

A big thanks to Tatane for creation of the graphic theme based on BootStrap with a psd file.

In the near future it will be added the ability to listen and download the music of artists.
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Panel Kapılar

Corporate Door Company

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Modules are used for :

+ News
+ Publisher
+ Amcontact
+ extgallery
+ Xoops Seo Xorewrite
+ Xoops Version 2.5.5

Powered by Xoops !

Site Address : panel kapı
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Bulgarian Black Sea Website powered by XOOPS

This Website about the Bulgarian Black Sea is based on our lovely XOOPS.

Soon it will be in English and Russian.

I wish to be useful to people interested in tourism and seeking recreation in Bulgaria.
I hope someday to visit our sunny and welcoming resorts.

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Xoops Version : 2.5.5

Base theme: Businex

Modules used are:

Weblinks (with webmap3 and rssc)
Couple dummy modules

Thank you guys :)
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World of Tattoos

This is World of Tattoos based on XOOPS 2.5.5.

Modules used are:
and some custom modules.

I can't remember what the original theme was called, sorry.

Hope you like it! And please join the Facebook page for support! :)

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Evolution of

After several years of using the same theme, the Website has been updated to a new look.

The arrival of XOOPS 2.6, inspired Grosdunord and Tatane to design a theme based on Bootstrap Twitter while remaining on XOOPS 2.5.x.

The theme is compatible with following browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, and many others, since it is based on responsive design.

So the theme is compatible Mobile, tablet and desktop with different formats below:

Phone: 480px and below
Phone Tablet Landscape portrait: 767 px
shelf vertical to horizontal mode and office: 768 px to 979px
Office: 980 px
Main office: 1200px

Resized Image

To improve performance we used the CSS sprites for images but also minified css html and JavaScripts.

We made some invisible block when switching to mobile mode because we find that these blocks were completely useless in this mode.

Right blocks in mobile mode are automatically placed above the center blocks.
We used the Tooltip for some links as "forgotten password" or the text "Remember me" to give more information on these links to visitors.

Resized Image

The redirect page uses the Progress Bar with percentage display progress loading it.

Resized Image

Page "site work" is entirely based on bootstrap

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Read more... | 2 comments Reloaded! is the website of the baseball team Gallos, a team for children and youth. For this update, I've created a new theme based on xThemes according to needs of the site content. This is not a new website, however I've redesign and anhanced almost every aspect of the website in order to make it more professional and functional. The site runs over XOOPS 2.5.6 and works with Common Utilities, MyWords, MyGalleries, Baseball League and other modules by Red México. To complete this poject, I had to create a new module called Baseball League. This module allows to manage the team information, role play, scores, etc. However, only some parts of the module have been activated because I'm working on improve it. Some of the features of the theme are:
  • Fully configurable thanks to "xThemes"
  • Fully responsive
  • Home page slider fully integrated with site content
  • Countdown timer that enables automatically before a game
  • Customized templates for included modules
  • and more...
  • All site content is formatted automatically making the content management more easy
The new face of This theme was created for me through Red México.
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