YAXS: ClubGallos.com.mx Reloaded!

Posted by: bitceroOn 2013/5/9 17:59:22 5889 reads
ClubGallos.com.mx is the website of the baseball team Gallos, a team for children and youth. For this update, I've created a new theme based on xThemes according to needs of the site content. This is not a new website, however I've redesign and anhanced almost every aspect of the website in order to make it more professional and functional. The site runs over XOOPS 2.5.6 and works with Common Utilities, MyWords, MyGalleries, Baseball League and other modules by Red México. To complete this poject, I had to create a new module called Baseball League. This module allows to manage the team information, role play, scores, etc. However, only some parts of the module have been activated because I'm working on improve it. Some of the features of the theme are:
  • Fully configurable thanks to "xThemes"
  • Fully responsive
  • Home page slider fully integrated with site content
  • Countdown timer that enables automatically before a game
  • Customized templates for included modules
  • and more...
  • All site content is formatted automatically making the content management more easy
The new face of ClubGallos.com.mx This theme was created for me through Red México.