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Jquery Tutorial: Binding to future events

This tutorial will teach you the benefits of $.live() and how to pass a smarty template with ajax.

What is future binding?
This is relatively a new problem created with the advent of ajax calls. The best way to understand it is with a practical example:
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Help Testing PDO Database Support

Have you ever wanted to run XOOPS on something apart from MySQL?

I have been doing some research since the start of this forum post and have fitted now the PDO to XOOPS 2.5 Beta.

This is right now just a research project for possible inclusion with 2.6 series, but I need some help with testing as a lot of these database systems are quiet expensive.. There is support for Postgres, Oracle, Sybase, ADO, ODBC, MS SQL, MSDE and many others like interbase and it GNU counterpart firebird.

This archive contains all the changed files for testing.. I need help testing this as much as possible.. There is no reason for it to not work unless there is some reserved word or microsoft problem with pivoting MySQL files to xoops.. Of course you can include the needed files as well, but it will attempt to pivot on mYql files if it can't find a SQL file for the selected database type..

Download 2.5.0 Beta with PDO from my Skydriver spot.

The Forum topic for XOOPS PDO is here..
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Pack "Web Tools" 0.1 - standalone applications to start

The Package "Web 0.1 Tools" is the first compilation by the Laboratories, portable web tools for developing a website!
This package includes text editors (Notepad + +, Kompozer), a CSS editor (Oikia Editor), a web browser (Opera), tools for images (Gimp MWSnap), an ftp (Filezilla), a client svn (Subcommander), a tool for archives (7zip), a file synchronizer (Toucan), a comparator file (WinMerge) and a task manager (ToDo List).

List of portable applications package "Web Tools":
- 7zip 4.65
- Filezilla 3.3.2
- Kompozer 0.8b3
- Opera 10.50
- PicPick 2.2.2
- Winmerge 2.12.4
- Gimp 2.6.8
- Notepad++ 5.6.8
- OikoCSSeditor 1.00 RC3
- SubCommander 2.0.0 Beta 4
- ToDoList 6.0.8
- Toucan 2.2.1

You can download the package "Web Tools" on under "Tools - Portable Apps" or directly from HERE.

Credits: A special thanks to the PortableApps for work his team performs.

Only for Windows users
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Looking for Members - Documentation Team

I am looking at forming a team for documenting the Modules Team and the Core Teams changes in the wiki and to go through the forum and find discussion topics to turn help sheets and guidances manuals.

I am looking for anyone with a Technical Writing background that wants to contribute to XOOPS under my team management to document the XOOPS Core, XOOPS Modules & XOOPS Hacks.

Part of what makes a good product is the team behind explaining how to use it.. XOOPS is no exception. With most books on XOOPS in other languages apart from English there is a need for documenting to be concise and easy to form.

Ideally I am looking for a team of 10 people.. Both male and female and the role comes with training and support references material.. I am looking to change my role at XOOPS from the core under-write to documentation manager.

You can contact me about this by the following way:

IF you don't have 8 - 15 hours a fortnight to dedicate to documenting XOOPS then please do not apply, there are no age restrictions and some young guns would be good.

I have noticed with the younger crowd here at XOOPS they feel that there age is a hindrance on getting involved, if you are between the ages of 16 to 65 these are ideal ages to sign up and get motivated -- so please write me an email attach your resume if you have one (This is voluntary/charity role) and send it to your senior XOOPS Developer.

You need to have at least a written language in english (other languages desirable for translating) and need to have medium to advance technical writing skills.

Forum for dicussion: forumpost324086
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Jquery Tutorial: Passing php arrays through JSON

This tutorial is a continuation of my previous one. This will teach you the benefits of using JSON.
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Jquery Tutorial: Passing php arrays to javascript arrays

Passing php arrays to javascript arrays. This is an advanced tutorial designed for people who are comfortable using jquery, ajax and php. It will teach you how to retrieve a php array using jquery, convert it to a javascript array then manipulate it.
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Tutorial Jquery: $.change, $.val and $.css

Learn how to detect changes on your forms using jquery and react accordingly using $.change
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HackFest Australia

Resized Image

Just letting you know I will be attending part of HackFest in the Google Offices Tommorrow - When I last checked there was 88 remaining tickets.

This year the Open Australia hosted event will be concentrating on mashups, you have seen one of these featured in on of my modules called X-Reaggregator.

I will be representing Xoops as myself in Australia's HackFest 2009..
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Cloning functions, a diferent approach dealing with classes.

Learn how to clone your methods inside classes. A great way to pass and retrieve data.

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Improving XOOPS Code: PHP CodeSniffer

Obviously, everybody has a different coding styles, but in order to make it easier for everybody to read it, we need to follow certain "Coding Standards".

The current XOOPS Coding Standards are here

But how to make sure that everybody does it correctly, and there are no mistakes?

Here comes the PHP CodeSniffer, which we'll use going forward before each release.

We would also like every developer contributing code to XOOPS (be it to Core, or as individual modules) to check his/her work before submitting to SVN!

1) Install CodeSniffer:

If you're using WAMP, here are instructions to install PEAR, and then CodeSniffer:

NOTE: there are currently problems with installing PEAR on PHP 5.3:

2) Set Zend as your default:

phpcs --config-set default_standard Zend

3) Run CodeSniffer

See: ... php-codesniffer.usage.php

I didn't compare the Zend standard with ours, but since our is based on Zend, then they should be very similar. If there are differences, we'll create our own customized standard file, based on our "XOOPS Coding Standards", as described here: ... omise-phpcodesniffer.html

As we are moving forward it's important that we start using more and more tools that will help us with improving our code and our development process.

As next, I am looking at "PHP Under Control"

Has anybody any experience with it?

To discuss this topic, please visit this thread
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