Developer News: Help Testing PDO Database Support

Posted by: wishcrafton 2010/3/31 6:20:00 5808 reads
Have you ever wanted to run XOOPS on something apart from MySQL?

I have been doing some research since the start of this forum post and have fitted now the PDO to XOOPS 2.5 Beta.

This is right now just a research project for possible inclusion with 2.6 series, but I need some help with testing as a lot of these database systems are quiet expensive.. There is support for Postgres, Oracle, Sybase, ADO, ODBC, MS SQL, MSDE and many others like interbase and it GNU counterpart firebird.

This archive contains all the changed files for testing.. I need help testing this as much as possible.. There is no reason for it to not work unless there is some reserved word or microsoft problem with pivoting MySQL files to xoops.. Of course you can include the needed files as well, but it will attempt to pivot on mYql files if it can't find a SQL file for the selected database type..

Download 2.5.0 Beta with PDO from my Skydriver spot.

The Forum topic for XOOPS PDO is here..