XOOPS: WF-Section V1 now released.

Posted by: Anonymouson 2003/6/27 19:59:52 6797 reads
WF-Section v1 Released

Wf-Section v1 is a powerful article management system for Xoops v2.

Since the release of the last beta version there has been many changes, improvements and additions. In fact to many to mention all at once and to be totally honest, I have totally forgot how many and what changes have been made!

Here is a short summary anyway.

1. Works with register_globals on or off.
2. Section and articles can now be displayed by their weight through its own page.
3. You can now choose the method of displaying an article, i.e. As normal, just the text without author details etc, or you can just have the text out width WF-Sections (The links to these article have their own menu system).
4. Duplicate section with or without their articles (including html articles) // Thanks Skalpa
5. Via the Configuration, you can now choose which types of files can be uploaded, the file size, image size and permission settings.
6. New navigation menu types which can be configured from the main configuration area, also you can choose the method of display for articles and sections.
7. You can set the display for Icons within the main index page to on or off.
8. WF-Section now uses Xoops comments properly, without the need of hacking into the core files.
9. Attached files as more or less been rewritten and use Xoops form class, more details has been added to this area also.
10. Upload manager is now File manager; this has more or less been redesigned and re-written. Bug fixed where going to the parent directory on some system would confuse it.
11. WYSIWYG editor has had a face-lift J and tables etc will show correctly now. The WYSIWYG editor has a few minor details not working; these will be pointed out to you when you try to use them.

Any many more!

Bug fixes include uploads now not restricted to just images.

I have worked quite hard over the last few months and I will be taking a break away from WF-Sections. I may fix bugs that are considered ‘Must be fixed’, but apart from that I will not be doing any minor fixes etc for a while. So I would like if you could respect my feeling on this and if you do spot a bug, please use the WF-Section forum and when I get the chance I will fix them.

Many thanks