Modules: wakka 0.12R2 released

Posted by: xoopldapOn 2003/6/27 20:00:02 5049 reads
wakka 0.12R2 released.
php with mod_xml > 4.2
mysql >3.X
Apache with mod_rewrite > 1.3X
xoops > 2.0

PageIndex support chinese index. Like this.
Fix css to camplate xoops theme.
Use smarty template.
Fix configure file of mod_rewrite.
(Add 'RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f' into .htaccess)
Add Global ACL setting options.
Add Inner/outer layout options.
Fix bug english language package.
Fix bug with edit pages owner.
Change the font of icon into bt3.

English Demo here.(administrator account: admin;password: admin).
Chinese Demo here.
Download here.

If you write a language package in another language, please mail me ( a copy, so that I can include it in the package.