Hacks: Some Useful Hacks

Posted by: AndreyRaon 2003/6/22 22:37:47 7142 reads
I've made some hacks of newbb module. I hope, it may be useful in development of a new version of XOOPS.
Here it is:
X2 NewBB: Delete message without replies
X2 NewBB: QuickReply Form
X2 NewBB: Auto-open page with only message id
X2 NewBB: Last message link in a forum page and in a last messages block
X2 NewBB: View mode (thread or flat) get from user details
X2 NewBB: Sort mode get from User detail
X2 NewBB: Hide private forums in forum Index

Autologin for Xoops 2.0.x

This and other my hacks available to download here: Some useful hacks

Editor: Awesome set of hacks! I use the autologin myself