YAXS: AAWP has a new home

Posted by: RoosterOn 2003/5/2 0:54:25 4238 reads
This is to announce publically what some of you already know, which is that All-American Web Portals has converted its official homebase to XOOPS 2.0.x.

We have tested the over several weeks now and are satisfied that it is stable, and we look forward to putting it further to the test. We are pleased most definitely with XOOPS 2 content management functionality. XOOPS 2 offered us a better way of presenting our publications, which is important since we are primarily in the business of news. AAWP seeks to support Open Source technology through our writings and analysis.

Consequently, last weekend we bit the bullet, and, today, completed the change and makeover of the site, though it was not without a great deal of intensive work from a number of people to finally get it functioning the way we wanted. You can reach us directly at webportals.percolations.com or you will be redirected from any of the links placed in pages here at XOOPS central.

Of course, we've tried to test each link and file path, but you know how it is when you do a virtual move. Therefore, if something is amiss when you visit us, just let us know via the contact form.

Now on to things that are central to us all - and that is communications. I noticed that the issue of the disappearing Admin icon has emerged yet again in the forums. I wrote a relatively lengthy posting about this event last night on another thread.
It seems that not enough of this issue is reaching the frontpage. Of course, XOOPS users should also spend some time searching the archives before posting the same question. But, being human, we look for the quick answer by just posting.

On the other hand, a weekly howto note from the developers and other users with respect to how to make the transition to 2.0 along the lines of some 10-step plan might be of some use to users who are considering upgrading or new users who need the structure to follow. The link from the XOOPS Admin area to the news here at XOOPS central is something I appreciate. To make it better, we can think about the design, but it is a tool that can be put to good use in this regard. Developing a community of "interacting users" beyond the message boards is a continuing challenge for all site owners.

Just some thoughts. Look forward to greeting you at the new digs. If you visit, let us know what you think.