YAXS: loalfoo.net pre-switch from postNuke to Xoops 2

Posted by: MosesTycoonon 2003/5/2 16:12:41 4572 reads
Dear Community,

after almost two years of php- and postNuke, time has come to give Xoops a chance to make it for the next two years

This is a preview of th upcoming localfoo.net. Preview because of some cosmetic changes which have to be done during next weekend (of course some more skinning...)

I started this switch because I can't see any developing going on with postNuke and by the way Xoops 2 has some very cool features, once you establish you don't want to miss anymore.

So thanks for your great work, and see ya @ localfoo.net
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P.S.: I migrated from postnuke 0.722 with a modified version (for Xoops2) of BoobToob's pn_convert: --> Forumtopic!