XOOPS: WF-Section v1 b3 public released

Posted by: Anonymouson 2003/4/14 12:01:41 3722 reads
I have just released WF-Section v1 b3 public for testing. This version is not for a production website, so please do not use it for such.

This version is for Xoops version 2 RC3 + Xoops CVS versions only and may not work on previous version of Xoops. There has been many changes, rewrites and additions to this version and I am versy sure there are still many bugs in the system yet.

Please do not ask me any specific 'how to' questions regarding this, as I will not answer them.

If you find what maybe or seems like a bug, please, post it in this WF-Section forum only (Not Xoops). As I may not see it here.

Many thanks, I hope the wait has been worth it for you all!