Modules: C-JAY Content V2

Posted by: forlonon 2003/4/14 12:00:55 4187 reads
C-JAY Content V2 is now available. This Version was developed under Xoops2 RC3 and was not tested with Xoops 1.3.x. New features of C-JAY Content V2 are the ability to configure the Main Menu Setting through the Admin Interface and an online editor.

Download it here.
With the ability to configure the Main Menu entries through the admin section, there is no need to “hack” the xoops_version.php file anymore. Together with the C-JAY Block you can decide if you want to have a Content Connection listed inside the block or inside the main menu, so it although gives you the ability to categories you Content Connections.

With the online editor you can edit your content files right inside Xoops. There is no need to down- and upload changed files. You can do this now online inside Xoops. You even can create new content files inside Xoops.